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“The Terminator” movie franchise turned Arnold Schwarzenegger into a star and turned the phrase “I’ll be back,” into a nationwide slogan. Now, the terminator is back with a whole new cast and one big twist – this time the terminator is a teenage girl.

With a look no doubt familiar to fans, “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” comes to the small screen packing all the action of the blockbuster trilogy.

Thomas Dekker assumes the role of John Connor, the teenager destined to save the world.

“This has just been a whole new experience and I’ve got some good injuries to show for it,” Dekker told Access Hollywood.

Lena Headey plays his slightly over protective mom, Sarah.

“She would fight and die for him,” Headey explains of her character’s devotion to her son. “It’s like carrying around this egg that you’re not supposed to break and leave.

As for that teenage terminator, Summer Glau is Cameron, the highly evolved robot assigned, not to kill John, but to protect him.

“I’m not metal,” Summer explained. “I don’t turn into liquid. I’m smart, I’m fast and I’m able to blend in.”

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