Access Top 10: Stars On Santa’s ‘Naughty’ List In 2010

The list has been made. It’s been checked twice. Now, it’s time to find out which celebrities were naughty – and not so nice – in 2010.

While this year has been full of joy and good tidings for many stars, others might be a little disappointed this holiday season when they open up their stockings. Here are’s Top 10 Stars Sure To Make The Naughty List for 2010…

10. Jake Pavelka – The former “Bachelorette” suitor-turned-“Bachelor” befuddled audiences when he popped the question to Vienna Girardi – only to split from the blonde three months later. The two reunited for a dramatic and emotional sitdown with host Chris Harrison, which saw Jake snap at his onetime ladylove on live TV, sending Vienna running off in tears. Did we mention his awful stint on “Dancing with the Stars” (he was the fifth “Star” sent packing in Season 10)? There’s a lump of coal coming in for a landing for this former pilot.

9. Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag – They’re married. They’re divorced. They’re back together. They’re negotiating dog custody in Costa Rica. They’re broken up, again… and again… and again. Yada yada yada. Another year, another series of calculated attempts by Speidi to try to keep themselves in the headlines. Even the folks at MTV finally grew tired of the act, banning Spencer from “The Hills” series finale party – even less famous siblings Stephanie Pratt & Holly Montag got the invite! The only question left here is: one lump of coal — or two?

8. Kanye West – A perennial fixture on the naughty list for saying too much, Kanye found a new way to make the cut this year – showing too much. We’ll let his “Today” show tirade and countless (and endless Twitter) rants pass, since frankly, that’s the behavior we’ve all come to expect from the always outspoken rapper. Still, we’re not sure that Santa’s elves won’t be able to overlook the naked photos that hit the Internet in October. Too bad Kanye didn’t interrupt himself when he thought taking those pics was a good idea. We’ll let you finish in a minute, but right after Kanye gets his coal! Speaking of over-exposure…

7. Brett Favre – Athletes have never had a problem crossing over into pop culture. Sadly, of late, it’s becoming more a staple of bad behavior rather than athletic merit. The latest example – NFL golden boy Brett Favre, who allegedly sent his own private (parts) holiday card to former Jets employee Jenn Sterger. While Vikings fans may want to send their own gift for Favre’s less-than-impressive on-field performance thus far this season, the naughty & nice police are more disappointed in this family man’s photography skills. Favre should push his Super Bowl trophies to the side and make room on the mantle for his latest award – the lump o’ coal. Speaking of athletes…

6. Tony Parker – A late entry into this year’s naughty list, the San Antonio Spurs star finds himself the recipient of a nice piece of coal thanks to his alleged text message straying from Eva Longoria – allegedly with a teammate’s wife, no less. Très mauvais Tony! On the bright side, at least the coal will match nicely with his black Spurs uniform.

5. Paris Hilton – Not one, but two drug-related incidents for heiress Paris in 2010 – naughty, naughty! From her weed bust at the World Cup in South Africa (which she eventually was cleared of) to her cocaine arrest in Las Vegas, it’s been a Sin-ful year for Hilty. Let’s just hope when she puts the lump of coal in her handbag, another surprise doesn’t fall out!

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4. Mel Gibson – 2010 was the year in which Mel would’ve been better to take a 365-day vow of silence. He kicked off the year calling a reporter an “a**hole” while the cameras were still rolling, and then following his split from Oksana Grigorieva, left a series of angry and violent voicemails, which (not surprisingly) eventually were made public. When the gang from “The Hangover” won’t even hang out with you, you know it wasn’t your best showing. There’s a new phone number Mel should get to know: 555-GOT-COAL!

3. Lindsay Lohan – LiLo began the year with a Twitter proclamation that it was “time to make changes.” Proving the more things change, the more they stay the same, Lindsay was a fixture in the headlines for 2010, with trips to court, jail, rehab, more court and more rehab (Wash, rinse, repeat). While she continues to serve her court-ordered sentence in rehab (up for review in early January), she’s done so with relatively little fanfare, so perhaps 2011 will finally be Lindsay’s time to change? In the meantime, can a SCRAM device detect traces of coal?

2. Charlie Sheen – Teflon Charlie got a head start on this year’s naughty list, with a 2009 Christmas Day arrest for threatening then-wife Brooke Mueller with a knife. At least he got it out of the way early, right? Not so much. Numerous court dates, a reportedly considered bailout from “Two and a Half Men” and putting a bow on his year with his NYC hotel room porn star incident in October, Charlie was the headline gift that kept on giving in 2010. “Two and a Half” lumps of coal for Charlie!

1. Jesse James – Oh Jesse, we didn’t forget about you. As if breaking the heart of America’s sweetie, Sandra Bullock, wasn’t enough on its own to top this list, throw in a classy Nazi photo & salute, infidelity revelations from women with never-ending tattoos and a seemingly all-too quick rebound with Kat Von D, and you’ve got the formula for Hollywood’s “Naughtiest of Them All” for 2010. Not to mention the cheating scandal broke on the heels of Sandy B’s big awards season, in which she doted and gushed over the support she had received from her longtime beau – the rescue of the Chilean miners couldn’t have come at a better time – there’s a whole coal mine reserved with Jesse’s name on it.

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