Access Top 5: Dragon Movies That Roar

With DreamWorks’ “How To Train Your Dragon” soaring to the top of the box office this weekend with a roaring $12 million just on Friday, Access Hollywood has taken to the skies to hunt down five of the most fiery dragon films of all time.

#5 — “Dragon Heart”: Sean Connery has played many roles over the years, from James Bond to the father of Indiana Jones, but one of his most surprising came in 1996’s “Dragon Heart,” in which he voiced the CGI-crafted Draco – last of the dragons.

#4 — “Shrek”: The green ogre may be the DreamWork’s franchise’s most notable monster, but let’s not forget the dragon who kept Princess Fiona captive in the 2001 film – and later falls in love with Eddie Murphy’s Donkey!

#3 — “The Hobbit”: The J.R.R. Tolkien novel and prologue to the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy is heading back to theaters soon with a new, live-action version, but the 1977 animated film offered a truly gruesome villain in the dragon Smaug, who was voiced by Richard Boone.

#2 — “Pete’s Dragon”: A live-action film featuring a very animated dragon, “Pete’s Dragon” was all about the red-haired, pink-winged Elliott – friend and protector of the title character orphan in the 1977 Disney film.

#1 — “The NeverEnding Story”: The 1984 film featured the furry Falkor, a Luckdragon. Unlike the scaly green monsters of Hollywood lore, Falkor shared more canine qualities. His heroics assisted Atreyu (Noah Hathaway) in his quest to fight against The Nothing, the evil force conquering the land of Fantasia.

Honorable Mention: “Knighty Knight Bugs,” a Bugs Bunny animated short, may not have been a feature film, but it did earn a 1959 Academy Award after being screened in theaters. The 6-minute cartoon featured Bugs as the court jester of King Arthur, pitted against Yosemite Sam and his sneezing, fire-breathing dragon.

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