Access Week In Geek, 3/20/10: ‘Caprica’ Cast Talk Season Finale

The fun and very enthusiastic cast and creators of Syfy’s “Caprica” were in NYC this week and stopped by The Paley Center For Media for a preview screening of two new episodes followed by a panel discussion and Q&A for the eager fans in attendance.

Alessandra Torresani, a recent Rising Star, has the task of playing not one, but sometimes three different versions of her character Zoey Graystone on the show, including one that inhabits a robotic Cylon prototype (and precursor to the more advanced model later seen chronologically in “Battlestar Galactica”). And Allesandra told me before the screening that she is appreciative of the rave reviews she has received for her stand out performance on the show, as well as “Caprica’s” inclusion on Entertainment Weekly’s “10 Best TV Shows on Now” list.

“Any recognition from anyone I think is great… It’s all wonderful,” she said.

And she made a point to make mention her recent Access Rising Star status.

“I take that proudly. I think that’s fun,” she said with a big smile.

Esai Morales, who portrays Joseph Adama, revealed he has been somewhat of a jokester on the set of the show, which has been described as a family saga with a science fiction backdrop.

“I am an irreverent person because I don’t think we can take ourselves too seriously. When you do, you lose perspective,” Esai explained. “So we goof [off] when we can. If the scene is really deep and heavy, some actors don’t like to be bothered. On the other hand, other actors don’t want to dwell on that moment until the cameras roll. I can be a goofball and get serious,”

Allesandra said she liked keeping it light in between takes too.

“Between him and Sasha Roiz, they keep it funny. [I’m] usually running around, being obnoxious and they’re making fun of me. It’s great,” she laughed.

Both Esai and Sasha (who plays Sam Adama, brother to Esai’s Joseph Adama on the show), were taken aback after reading the script to the finale of “Caprica’s” first season.

“Our finale is unbeliable,” Sasha revealed. “It’s so powerful that I remember me and Esai calling each other after reading the script. We were both absolutely floored by how it ends.”

Esai said the season finale script made him emotional.

“The finale drove me to tears on various occasions,” he said. “What happens is so profound and out of the blue. [It was] so unexpected it took my breath away.”

Allesandra revealed that secrets from the finale could get out if the wrong person finds her recently lost cell phone.

“They didn’t tell me ‘til the day before because they know I Twitter everything. And they’re like ‘You’re gonna say something.’ And the real problem is I took some pictures that would reveal a lot and I lost my phone yesterday,” she said.

Thankfully, so far nothing has surfaced online from her phone pics collection.

Mark Stern, Executive Vice President of Development of Syfy, was expectedly a bit tight-lipped when asked about any news regarding the recent rumors of another show to be set in the dark world introduced to us in “Battlestar Galactica,” but he was not completely unforthcoming

“There ARE rumors… [rumors] that I started, I think,” he laughed. “I really can’t talk about it yet as much as just to say that we are developing other properties that come out of that world.

“It’s such a rich world. I think if ‘Caprica’ is kind of the prequel to ‘Battlestar,’ where it is how you led up to the Cylon War, and ‘Battlestar’ is the post-Cylon War, there is a whole section in between the two,” he said. “There’s about 50 years in between the two worlds to explore. That’s as far as I can go.”

Towards the end the panel Q&A later in the evening, Executive Producer Ronald Moore addressed the question of whether the conclusion of the show’s storyline has been mapped out.

“We don’t know right now exactly where the endpoint of “Caprica” is going to be. You can pick out about a half dozen pretty significant landmarks [between where we are now and the beginning of the ‘Battlestar’ mini-series], that are potential ends to the show,” he explained. “But I think what we will probably decide somewhere along the line [is] what is the organic place for this part of the story to end rather than trying to get it to some historical marker up ahead.”

“Caprica” airs on Syfy at 9PM on Fridays.

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