Access Week In Geek, 4/2/10: Godzilla Is Back!

In the Access Week In Geek: “Captain America” is not only finally 100 percent confirmed, but now he also has his trusty sidekick in place. “Godzilla” will be returning to the big screen in a new U.S. reboot. Plus, what title have Superman and Batman been fighting over this year?

While Marvel Studios today finally officially confirmed what has been reported just about everywhere that Chris Evans has indeed signed on the dotted line to take on the title role in “The First Avenger: Captain America,” The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop that “Gossip Girl” and “Hot Tub Time Machine’s” Sebastian Stan has been added to the film’s cast as the title character’s sidekick Bucky Barnes.

So far, there have been no real meaty details on how closely the planned 2012 film will follow the comic book storyline, but we do know the plot follows Evans’ stars & stripes-clad super soldier battling Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull from a World War II era Europe all the way to the present day, where he will then join up with rest of Marvel’s mightiest heroes, The Avengers.

According to the report, Stan has signed on for a multi-picture deal, so it seems likely he will also be joining Captain America in the present day portion of the film (and subsequent Marvel crossover films), and will not meet his demise in the 1940s. That is provided Bucky somehow finds his way into the same block of ice that perfectly preserves Captain America’s body for decades until destiny calls upon him once again.

Legendary Pictures has acquired the rights to produce a new big screen version of Japan’s most famous fire breathing giant lizard, Godzilla. Legendary, Warner Bros. and Toho, Co. will all be involved in bringing a modern take on the Godzilla legend to American audiences in 2012. But do not expect any relation to Sony’s 1998’s “Godzilla” starring Matthew Broderick. This version will not be an American update of the previous American update, but will instead stay closer to the iconic creature’s roots from the original 1954 Toho film “Gojira.” Though in this day of million dollar CGI effects, let’s hope they include one homage reference to the classic “man in suit” version and let him thrash his rubber tail around and stomp a miniature model of Tokyo to smithereens.

A copy of 1938’s Action Comics #1, featuring the first appearance of Superman, has reclaimed the throne from an issue of Detective Comics #27 as having the highest-paid purchase price ever for a comic book. This is the second time this year that record has been broken. A different, but not as well preserved, copy of Action Comics #1 was sold to a private buyer for a record million dollars in February through the auction site That benchmark was broken two weeks later when an issue of the 1939 book that introduced the world to The Dark Knight himself, Batman, was purchased for $1,075,500 through Heritage Auctions.

Flash forward to this week when another copy of Action Comics #1 surfaced and was quickly snatched up for a cool $1.5 million. It was apparently tucked deep inside a movie magazine for decades, keeping it in such good condition that it fetched such a super price tag.

The iconic cover that has a staggering cover price of 10 cents depicts the Man of Steel lifting a car high over his head, was recreated for the big screen in Bryan Singer’s 2006’s “Superman Returns,” when Brandon Routh as the iconic superhero saved Parker Posey’s Kitty Kowalski character from her out of control automobile. DC Comics (whose moniker was actually taken from Detective Comics’ initials), incidentally has seen the rights to the story elements of Superman’s alien origins depicted in this issue revert back to one half of the characters creators’ estate, and reportedly cannot use them in the planned reboot being overseen by Christopher Nolan.

Only in the trailer for “The Expendables” can you see together (are you ready?) Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, and Mickey Rourke. Do we even need a plot? And did they leave anyone out? (CLICK HERE to view it!)

The second trailer for “The A-Team” hit the Web this week. Lots of big budget action fun, even if the filmmakers and cast — featuring Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper as Hannibal and Face — look to be making no apologies in closely channeling the look and roles made famous in the 80’s TV show.

The Red Band trailer for “MacGruber,” which definitely reflects its hard R rating, probably will surprise people who may be expecting simply another standard stretch of a three-minute “SNL” skit to a feature length film.

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