Ali Larter Talks ‘Heroes: Reborn,’ ‘Legends’ & Her Favorite Sean Bean On Screen Death

Ali Larter has a new gig this summer, starring alongside Sean Bean in TNT's "Legends," but could she turn up somehow on NBC's "Heroes: Reborn."

"I'm on this show now, so this is kind of where my heart lies. I wish them only the best," Ali told Access Hollywood at Comic-Con on Thursday. "['Heroes'] was an incredible time, but that was many years ago. It was a different time in my life and right now I'm loving working with ['Legends' Executive Producer] Howard Gordon and I love being part of TNT family."

In "Legends," kicking off August 13 at 9/8c on TNT, Ali plays Crystal McGuire, an FBI operative alongside Sean's Martin Odum. Ali said it was fun to inhabit a character who is so different from her normal life.

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"One of the things that [made it] very exciting for me to play her is that at home, I'm a mom to a three-and-a-half-year-old," Ali said. "I'm always cooking, I'm in sweatpants, dropping [my son] off at pre-school and when I get to go to work, I really get to drop into this alternate persona. And she's someone whose chosen her career over having a family and that's something that's really interesting to me. … I found that very exciting and empowering to play."

While Ali's character doesn't take on "Legends" (deep cover aliases) like Martin, but she does get out into the field, taking on various personas for her job, risking her life for her country.

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"She can put herself and her life in the line of fire without worrying about the consequences. And all the choices that I make are always affected now by the fact that I have a son," Ali said. "So that to me was really exciting, and you know, with 'Legends,' especially talking to Howard Gordon and David Wilcox, our showrunner, with creating this kind of woman who's in such a powerful position and a leading role, it was important to me to always embrace her femininity."

TNT started a campaign for their new series, asking fans to Tweet out the tag #DontKillSeanBean, a reference to how many times the British actor has died on film. Asked what her favorite Sean character death was, Ali said Ned Stark in "Game of Thrones."

"I was so shocked by it," Ali said. "I hadn't read the books, and I didn't know it was coming so that was jaw dropping to m, because you had so fallen in love with this character and I still miss him on the show. I still watch 'Game of Thrones,' and he's a part that's missing for me, so I think you can be pretty sure that he won't be leaving 'Legends' any time soon," Ali added.

-- Jolie Lash

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