All Access: Tony Potts’ Tour Of Duty

From the Bahamas to Florida, from MSNBC to Larry King? and even a trip to Las Vegas, Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts has been racking up the frequent flier miles over the past few weeks covering the Anna Nicole Smith story.

As Access’ man on the scene, Tony has covered every step of the Anna Nicole story from coast-to-coast.

When news of her death broke, Tony was one of the first on the scene to report all the latest details back to our L.A. office. As he chronicled all of the details, the story then took Tony to the Bahamas where he was immersed in the action, getting the scoop from all the major players and reporting back.

In fact, Tony (who joined the Access team in 1999) entrenched himself in the story so deep that networks started calling on him for the latest Anna Nicole updates ? daily updates for MSNBC, interviews with Larry King ? you name it, Tony was the man to call.

Video: Tony’s Tour Of Duty

If you needed the latest info on Anna, look no further than Tony ? an exclusive interview with Anna Nicole’s mom, Virgie Arthur at the airport. The first reporter to talk with Larry Birkhead as he arrived for the trial on Tuesday.

And if that wasn’t enough, Tony even found time to jet cross country over the weekend to participate in the NBA Celebrity All-Star game in Las Vegas. But he didn’t just suit up and watch the action ? Tony led his team to an impressive victory, scoring 14 points and hauling down 8 rebounds on his way to earning MVP honors.

It was an extra special day for Tony, who above all else is also a loving husband and caring father to his two daughters — Alexzandria, 13, and Bella, 2.

“It was a huge day for me because my dad flew in and my daughter was there as well,” Tony said after the game. “I arrived back in Los Angeles at 10PM the night before and woke up at 4 a.m. to go to the gym and shoot hoops because I didn’t want to be rusty for the game later that day — and embarrass my family.”

Of course, there wasn’t much time to celebrate the award as Tony was right back in Florida on Tuesday as the Anna Nicole case went to court, and in true Tony fashion, scored the very first interview with Larry Birkhead as he made his way into the courthouse.

“It started in Miami for the Super Bowl. Then, back to Los Angeles for the Grammys, then suddenly on Thursday, February 8 (just four days after Super Bowl and three days before Grammys), I’m inside the Staples Center talking with Grammy show producer Ken Erlich and my blackberry starts vibrating like mad with what I soon learn is an e-mail tip that Anna Nicole Smith has collapsed,” Tony recalls.

“I speed back to the Access Hollywood offices and immediately go live on MSNBC as my blackberry continues to vibrate with details. I learn from a source the news Anna Nicole Smith has died… and from that moment, I have been on the road.”

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