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As Hillary Clinton makes her run for the White House, her campaign has served as a coming-out of sorts for her daughter, Chelsea.

Always private, the former first daughter (who is hoping to once again reclaim that moniker, minus the “former”) has never sat down for an official interview. However, Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos was invited to spend the day with Chelsea as she went stumping for her mom.

Maria spent the day in Texas with the 27-year-old Chelsea, as she made an exhausting seven-hour trek to three different universities, answering questions and signing autographs for her very devoted fan base.

And along the way, the polished, sophisticated – and spitting image of her mom – Chelsea found one fan who might have been a little too smitten.

“You are, like, so hot,” one male Clinton supporter told her during one of the college stops.

Following her Q&A session at one of the schools, Maria spoke with the students about their impressions of Chelsea.

“She’s one of us,” a female student said. “She knows how to communicate with people our age.”

And if her mom is to end up atop Capitol Hill, Chelsea knows the young voters could play a large role in sending her there, especially on the heels of losing the past 11 contests to her political opponent, Barack Obama.

While on the college campaign trail, Chelsea speaks to her peers with confidence and ease. But as Maria saw first-hand, sometimes the candor of the young generation can catch Chelsea off guard.

“When are you getting married?” one rally-goer asked, surprising Chelsea.

“I have no plans to get married at the moment – much to my mother’s chagrin, I think,” Chelsea smiled, offering a rare glimpse into her private life.

Chelsea has been dating boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky for just over two years and both of his parents are politicians too, so perhaps he can relate to her need for privacy after a lifetime in the political spotlight.

It was at the age of 12 when the nation got its first glimpse of Chelsea, as her father won the 1992 presidential election.

Fresh-faced with a full head of red curls, during her eight years inside The White House, both parents heavily guarded Chelsea’s privacy.

And that may have influenced why, until now, Chelsea has opted to be her mother’s silent supporter – a decision which Hillary told Maria she respected.

“I know you guys were very protective of her all of these years. But now that she is an adult, why is she not speaking?” Maria asked Hillary.

“I am not going to impose any kind of expectation on her, she is her own person. She gets to live her own life and that is the gift her father and I have tried to give her. If she decides she wants to speak out, she'll do it,” Hillary said.

And just as Hillary beams like a proud mother when speaking of her daughter, the adoration also goes both ways.

“I'm not more proud of anyone in the world,” Chelsea said of her mom. “I don't believe in anyone more.”

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