America Ferrera Excited To Rejoin Her ‘Sisterhood’

But before the girl with television’s favorite smile heads off to shoot ‘Sisterhood 2,’ she’s using that famous smile to do some good — as the face of the Aquafresh “Smiles for Success” campaign.

“‘Smiles for Success’ is this incredible organization that helps give women transitioning from welfare back into the workforce free dental care that they otherwise would never be able to afford themselves,” she explained. “And Aquafresh white trays is doing a campaign to shed light on this wonderful charity, and I decided to team up with them.”

For every package of Aquafresh white trays that is purchased between now and August 31st, $1 will be donated to the organization.

“A lot of people say your soul comes through your eyes, but I think your soul also comes through your smile,” said Ferrera. “When you have a genuine beautiful smile it says a lot about who you are.”

The people at Aquafresh agree with her — so much so that they insured her own smile with a Lloyd’s of London policy to the tune of 10 million dollars!

“It’s kind of ridiculous,” she said, laughing, “but Aquafresh white trays insured my smile for 10 million dollars as an added bonus of the campaign to highlight the importance of, you know, a healthy and vibrant smile.”

But what about the fact that the 10 million dollar-smile of hers is covered in braces on “Ugly Betty?” Ferrera said it doesn’t matter:

“Even with the braces, it’s not so much about what the smile looks like, but what the smile says about you, I think. And for Betty, she’s got those braces but her spirit still shines through them.”

And while she admits that donning the fake braces for the show is an easy process, she jokes that she’d actually love for then to come off at some point.

“I hope that they come off for my own sake,” she laughingly confessed. “But I don’t know what the writers have in store.”

One thing she does know about is the season finale, and she dropped a little hint to Access.

“In the finale there is a little bit of — it’s a little musical theater intertwined with the plot line,” she teased, but remarked that this is not the rumored “musical episode” that’s in the works. “Not this time around, but I think we’ve been really hopeful that maybe next season our writers will come up with a musical episode.”

And while she herself won’t be singing in the finale, Ferrerais going to keep on flashing those pearly whites as much as possible.

“I’m really proud to be able to use whatever kind of celebrity that I’ve gained in the last year to being attention to an organization that I actually really care about,” she said. “And I met the very first woman who was ever helped by ‘Smiles For Success’ — just talking to her and meeting her was incredible, because I just got to see firsthand what an organization like this does for women.”

“It makes a difference,” said Ferrera. “It matters.”

Ferrera is reportedly attending the star-studded opening of the Cove Atlantis resort in the Bahamas tonight — look for Access‘ coverage of the event on Monday!

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