‘American Idol’s’ Season 9 Top 12 & Their Celeb Look-A-Likes

In the last few weeks, several singing hopefuls went from unknowns to nationally recognized stars as they battled it out to reach “American Idol’s” Top 12.

As they continue to vie for the “Idol” crown, a title held by such superstars as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and David Cook, their faces will become familiar to many more millions in the U.S. and beyond.

But the Top 12 already are slightly familiar… or so AccessHollywood.com found out.

Judge Kara DioGuardi has made no secret of her crush on 27-year-old Texan Casey James and it’s easy to see why. Not only does the Texas-born singer have a pleasing voice and impressive, yet calming stage presence, but he happens to look rather like two handsome gents in Hollywood. At times, his soft locks and alluring eyes are reminiscent of a young Scott Speedman – at others, he has the dreamy presence of “Sex and The City’s” boy toy Smith Jerod (played by actor Jason Lewis).

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With his cheeky grin, chiseled cheekbones, adorable dimples and deep blue eyes, Tim Urban is a modern day ringer for 1970’s teen idol David Cassidy. But whether Tim has the potential to go from “Idol” to superstar like David at the height of the former “Partridge Family” boy’s fame, remains to be seen. But one thing’s for sure, judge Ellen DeGeneres is smitten with the 20-year-old.

Over the last several weeks, Lee Dewyze, “Idol’s” resident rocker, has added his gravely-voiced edge to Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” and Owl City’s “Fireflies,” helping him quickly become one of the leaders of the pack. But Lee may have a long lost brother in another type of “pack,” one of the Green Bay variety. With their glistening blue eyes and rugged mid-western looks, the resemblance between Lee and Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers is hard to miss.

Crystal Bowersox might be best known for her soulful rock songs and dreadlocks – but she’s also a dead ringer for big screen beauty Julia Stiles. Both blonde ladies sport cute cherub cheeks that make millions just want to reach out and pinch them! And they share a toughness too — Julia fended off hit men in the “Bourne” series and Crystal is fighting back at a slew of competitors looking to take her down on the show, something that judge Simon Cowell has said is Crystal’s to lose!

Siobhan Magnus’ bright smile, almond shape eyes and endearing gap between her front teeth easily draw comparisons to “True Blood” beauty Anna Paquin. And she has more in common with Anna than looks. Her quirky way of speaking mixed with her mature singing voice prompted Simon to call her a “funny little thing,” something Anna’s “True Blood” character – the otherworldly Sookie Stackhouse — knows plenty about.

Kara DioGuardi was brought to tears by “Idol’s” cuddly teddy bear Michael Lynche, nicknamed “Big Mike,” when he sang “This Woman’s Work” prior to the Top 12. The rendition even prompted notoriously tough talking Simon Cowell to claim it was the “best performance of all live shows.” His smooth voice may be something to rave about, but Mike’s big personality has won over fans and judges a like. Sharing this larger than life personality is “Saturday Night Live” funny man, Kenan Thompson, who shares Lynche’s ability to warm your heart with a smile and cheeks cute enough to pinch.

Katie Stevens may be one of the youngest contenders in the competition at 17, but her look-a-like, “Modern Family” middle child Alex (played by Ariel Winter) is even younger – just 11. Those adorable noses, wide eyes and innocent smiles they both share are merely a rouse; Alex is “Modern Family’s” Miss Maturity, while Katie is constantly being told to perform younger numbers, despite a mature voice beyond her years.

Sure, she has Sharon Osbourne’s hair, but her button nose and light colored peepers peg Lacey Brown more Pink than the Princess of Darkness. Like Pink, Lacey is all about the wildly colored hair and the big makeup. Both women have a penchant for brightly colored eye shadow and teeth popping lipstick hues.

With his soulful swagger and heavy-rimmed spectacles, “Idol” Season 9 contender Andrew Garcia easily draws comparisons to Season 8’s Danny Gokey. Beyond their adorably cherubic faces, both men dig deep while performing, showing their heavily-felt soulful swaggers on pop songs and rock numbers.

Despite a rocky performance of Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile” during Week 3 of live competition, Paige Miles endeared herself to America enough in her previous live showings that she managed to make it to “Idol’s” Top 12. Also an American sweetheart? Her doppelganger – actress Keisha Knight Pulliam, who won our hearts playing the Cosby family’s youngest child, Rudy on “The Cosby Show.”

Aaron Kelly is “Idol’s” youngest remaining contestant at a mere 16 years old and the likable teen, with the spiky hairdo and youthful grin resembles that of a teenage Frankie Muniz, the former star of FOX’s “Malcolm in the Middle.” Both share that excited boyish smile that makes the tween girls of the world go weak at the knees.

Blondes have more fun — and clearly, less problems getting the guy. Didi Benami is reportedly in a mutual crush-fest with “Idol” host Ryan Seacrest, while her celebrity look-a-like — “Community” star Gillian Jacobs — doesn’t have to do much more than bat a friendly eye to Joel McHale’s character, Jeff Winger, to get him swoon. Luckily for Ryan – and “Idol” fans – Didi seems much nicer than Britta.

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