Andy Baldwin’s Marathon Mission

In today’s Healthy Hollywood feature: You might remember Dr. Andy Baldwin from season 10 of ABC’s “The Bachelor.” Healthy Hollywood first met the handsome and very sweet doc last year. I have a lot of respect for what Dr. Baldwin has accomplished since his reality days.

For starters, he’s a Navy officer, a family doctor, a humanitarian who helps out in impoverished countries, a supporter of fallen soldiers with his charity Got Your Back, a marathoner – and an all-around super nice guy!

Too bad, he’s taken! I didn’t know when I first met him but the good doc has a serious girlfriend. And, his girlfriend is also an athlete and the two of them are running together in Monday’s Boston Marathon.

“We train every weekend together and it’s just been fun. I think with a relationship it’s so important you share these commonalities,” reveals Dr. Andy to Healthy Hollywood.

Andy and his girlfriend are helping to raise money for One Fund Boston, which is a charity that helps those affected by the tragic Boston Marathon Bombing.

“It’s great to run the marathon and raise money for the victims and the families of those from the bombings last year. I’m really looking forward to the marathon,” he explains.

Dr. Baldwin, who is also a brand ambassador for Nutrisystem, is no stranger to marathons. He’s completed close to 50 and says having his girlfriend by his side for Boston also keeps him accountable.

“When you lay out a plan of training and you do it together – you don’t even need to be the same speed – but it shapes your pre-workout meal. And, then you can share not only the training but the actual race

And, of course the couple that competes together; stays together. “When you’re having a bad day you can pump the other person up, give them some perspective. It’s been wonderful. I don’t think I could be with partner unless they’re athletic in some capacity,” notes Andy.

Now, at 37, the competitive doc hopes his competitive nature helps him set record-breaking time in Boston. “I’ve actually found the fastest time I ever ran a marathon was in Boston, back when I was 25. I’d love to get semi-close to breaking three hours. That’s the only time I’ve broken 3 hour. So, again, you can run a marathon race and have it be a suffer-fest and not very enjoyable. Or, you can do the right preparation and put in the time and you know you’re ready and it’s fun. You get to show what you’ve worked so hard for,” concludes Andy.

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