Andy Samberg Shares SNL Advice; Will Justin Timberlake Cameo On Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Andy Samberg spent seven years on “Saturday Night Live” and now, he’s about to debut in a new Fox sitcom, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

As “SNL” gears up for its Season 39 premiere, Andy shared his advice for the new cast members.

“Trust your instincts,” Andy told’s Laura Saltman, when asked to impart his “SNL” wisdom for newbies during a “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” set visit. “When we came in [as The Lonely Island], the thing that we did didn’t really seem like it would even necessarily fit into the show. But then we just did it anyway, because they encouraged us to do what we do, and it became a part of the show.

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“A trap people fall into is trying to reproduce what the show has done in the past,” he cautioned. “I was really lucky in the time that I came in that there were a lot of really innovative people working in the writing room and in the cast that sort of put their own spin on it.”

Andy’s new show premieres on Tuesday, and the actor said viewers should keep an eye out for guest appearances by his former “SNL” co-stars and more.

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“Not just ‘SNL’ people, but all kinds of people. People I’ve met who hosted ‘SNL,’ people who I’ve met at ‘SNL’ after parties,” he said, laughing, when asked who will make cameos on the Fox comedy. “If we have a part we think someone’s good for, we’re going after them.”

So… does that mean Andy’s pal and fellow “D**k In A Box” Emmy winner Justin Timberlake will eventually guest star?

“Maybe if he ever stops touring and putting out record-setting albums! I love seeing Justin when I can, but I’m really busy and he’s really busy, so… nothing on the books,” Andy said. “I kind of have a feeling that once the show’s a hit – if and when that happens – he’ll still not be able to.

“He might let us pay him a lot to license like, a snippet of one of his songs,” he jokingly added. “I’d be more excited to cameo in one of his shows than he would be in mine, I think.”

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Catch Andy – along with co-stars Terry Crews, Chelsea Peretti, Andre Braugher, Joe Lo Truglio and more — in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” premiering on Tuesday at 8:30/7:30c on Fox.

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