Angelina Jolie Perfected ‘Maleficent’ Voice While Bathing Her Kids

Before taking on an iconic Disney villain, Maleficent, Angelina Jolie made sure she had the voice just right – and her six kids (while in the bathtub) helped perfect the character’s wicked sound.

Angelina chatted with Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson about creating the voice to the title character in “Maleficent.”

“I would give them baths and I would try different voices on them, on different nights,” the stunning 38-year-old explained. “I would tell them stories in different voices and sometimes they would kind of go, ‘That’s a weird voice mom, why are you doing that?’”

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When Angelina captured their attention with one in particular, she knew she had arrived at the best choice for the character.

“When I did the one they all started laughing and made me do it over and over again and that’s how I discovered her voice because I thought, it had to be a voice that is just fun to listen to and get really crazy,” she continued.

The actress’ daughter, Vivienne, plays young Princess Aurora in the Disney movie, which turned out to be a lot for work for Angelina and Brad Pitt.

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“Her first day on set was when she was [in a scene] trying to catch the butterfly, which was a day that I wasn’t working and so mommy and daddy had to be the kind of, the set parents trying to get her to do everything,” she recalled. “I was holding the stick, I was actually holding the stick… with the blue thing on it and like kind of dancing and making her follow me, and Brad was on the edge of the cliff kind of singing and making dances and trying to get her to jump into his arms. And it was ridiculous. It was a lot of… we were exhausted by the end of that day. It was so hard.”

Angelina also opened up about her and Brad’s wedding plans.

“We really don’t have a date. It’s not a secret or anything, we just, we haven’t really [decided], but we’ve talked to the kids about it,” she told Shaun. “It’s like this fun thing we’re planning for one day and they’re very aware of [it] and they do have their ideas on it, which will be fun.”

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Adding, that if her six kids had their way, the wedding would be “very messy and very fast.”

“Maleficent” opens on May 30.

-- Jesse Spero

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