Anna Paquin On Not Changing For The Paparazzi & Her Recent Bisexual Admission

Anna Paquin may be the star of HBO’s hit vampire series “True Blood,” and one half of a Hollywood power couple (with fiancee and co-star Stephen Moyer), but she won’t be changing who she is now that she’s a paparazzi target.

“I’m newly initiated into the followed-by-paparazzi crowd, and I’ve had to stop caring what people I don’t know and will never meet think about me. If I did, I’d never leave my house,” she told Self magazine, according to Popeater, which published excerpts from the mag’s July 2010 cover story on the star. “It’s like, OK, I’m sorry that at 6 AM when I walk my dog, I don’t look ready to hit the red carpet. That’s me! I don’t always dry my hair if I’m not going out. Ooh!”

The fiercely independent Anna said the attention has gotten so bad, she’s been goaded for being safety-conscious.

“I wear a helmet when I ride my bike. Seriously, I was made fun of for wearing a bicycle helmet,” she told the mag. “I was like, OK, that would be a really stupid reason to die. At that point, I was done.”

Another reason Anna has been on the paparazzi hot list is due to her recent admission – via a public service announcement – that she is bisexual, and Anna said her family has always been completely accepting of her lifestyle.

“Everyone who is in my life who matters to me always knows what’s going on,” she told Self. “I understand why it’s a big deal to some people, but to me, it’s not. I’ve probably always known I was bisexual. I’m really lucky; I grew up in an open-minded, supportive family, so my sexuality was never stigmatized or scary or out of bounds. I’m comfortable with who I am, and it’s not an issue.”

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