Anna’s Bodyguard Big Moe: On The Record About Howard K. Stern

For years, Big Moe protected Anna Nicole Smith and fully supported Howard K. Stern. Now, days after an investigation was opened into the death of the former Playboy playmate, Big Moe tells Access Hollywood, he feels betrayed by Howard.

“It’s gotten to the point, where I had to say something,” Big Moe told Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts on Tuesday. “I’ve been called a thief and that angers me. . . . I’ve been harassed.”

“By whom?” Tony asked.

“By [Howard’s attorney] Lin Wood and Howard,” he replied. “[They’ve been] sending letters, sending threatening letters.”

Once singing praises for Howard K. Stern, Anna Nicole’s longtime bodyguard Big Moe, now claims Howard is launching a smear campaign against him.

“Has there been pressure on you in the last eight months from Howard to keep you quiet?” Tony asked.

“It hasn’t been just Howard. Of course, they don’t want nothing coming out,” Moe said.

Last week, Stern appeared on the “Larry King Live” show alongside Lin Wood. Moe claims Howard insinuated he leaked recently released photos of Anna, including one, where she appeared to have vomit, dripping down her chin.

“He’s gotten on TV [and] called me a thief and a liar,” Moe said. “[He said he] knew I was distributing pictures that should have never been taken in the first place of Anna.

“It’s like a diversion tactic to me,” Moe continued. “Instead of suing and trying to find out who’s selling pictures and who’s calling you gay . . .” he trailed off.

As for those allegations within Rita Cosby’s book, which claim Larry Birkhead and Stern were lovers, a claim they both deny, Moe, who has worked alongside Stern since 2003, said he never saw anything of that nature.

“I never saw a video, but I can’t be sure it didn’t happen,” he said. “I’ve never seen it.”

“Did you see any behavior that would suggest Howard is gay?” Tony asked.

“I have never seen any behavior that says Howard Stern is gay, but you know, I’m not with him 24/7,” Moe answered.

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