Anne Heche & Coley Laffoon Battle Over Furniture, Cat

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. (July 10, 2007) The bitter divorce battle between Anne Heche and Coley Laffoon has entered a new phase of crazy, as they’re now duking it out over personal belongings removed from the Los Angeles home they alternately share.

Lamps, furniture, yoga rugs — and even custody of a cat — are among the disputed items listed in court documents filed by Laffoon, who accuses Heche of taking things from the house while he was out of town.

Laffoon filed a declaration in LA Superior Court requesting that the court demand Heche to return the property to the house and restrain her from removing and/or damaging any more items.

Furthermore, he alleges that Heche “had gone into my closet and ripped the buttons off of 19 of my shirts and removed some of my pants.”

Heche filed a response to Laffoon’s declaration claiming that all of the items she removed from the residence are her “separate property,” as they were purchased before their marriage.

She states in the document that the home is up for sale, and that she repeatedly asked Laffoon over the course of months what “community property” he’d like to keep, with no response from him.

“I will begin work on my show ‘Men in Trees’ on July 15, 2007, in Vancouver, British Columbia,” she wrote. “My Vancouver residence is unfurnished.” She adds that she intends to use the items to furnish the Vancouver residence, and does not intend to dispose of them.

Laffoon claims that Heche never discussed with him her desire to remove items from the house, and that she waited until he was out of town for three weeks, “hoping that it would be too late to return [the items] from Vancouver.”

While Laffoon states that he wants items such as the master bed and footed table returned, he makes no mention of the “pink bedding” and “picture of saint” that Heche stated she removed.

As for the cat: Laffoon states that the couple’s son, Homer, (of whom they share temporary joint custody) is very fond of the pet, and that Laffoon objected to Heche’s desire to take the cat with her to Vancouver. A July 3rd fax from Laffoon’s lawyers to Heche’s lawyers advises that Heche is not to remove any personal property, including the cat, from the house until the matter of their dissolution is solved.

Ultimately, it appears that the pet indirectly led to the discovery that items had been removed from the house!

Laffoon’s brother, Brent, who had been charged with feeding the cat while Laffoon and Homer were away, claims that he noticed that something was “not quite right” when he entered the home on July 5. He states in a declaration that he “telephoned [his] brother and advised him immediately upon noticing these items of property were missing.”

This dispute is the latest battle in a back-and-forth war between Heche and Laffoon, who have previously fought over finances, child custody and accusations of mental instability and poor parenting.

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