Arrow: Everything You Need To Know About The Flash/Barry Allen’s Introduction To Starling City

“Arrow” is about to get a true superhero in Starling City courtesy of Dr. Barry Allen, aka The Flash.

“When you first meet Barry Allen, he’s just a forensic scientist working for the Starling City Police Department so, he’s just an ordinary man when we meet him,” “Arrow” Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg said about the character’s introduction during a conference call with reporters on Tuesday.

Kreisberg said fans will “get to know” the character, “before life gets a little bit faster.”

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Dr. Allen is a regular man who gets transformed into a superhero with super speed and other super abilities in the comic, and it sounds like his journey may look similar when he becomes part of the “Arrow” TV world as a recurring character (one with the potential for a spin-off series).

“Our characters that people have come to know and like in ‘Arrow’ will react to the extraordinary changes to their world hopefully in a very realistic way,” Kreisberg said about adding in The Flash. “These ‘powers’ won’t be treated as common place on the show. They will be extraordinary events and the world and our characters in them will react accordingly.”

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Despite the events The Flash goes through, he will be presented as a character whose outlook on life contrasts Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen.

“Oliver Queen is a very dark and tortured soul and Barry is not. I think it’ll be a fun byplay to see these two characters together because they both have distinctly different world views, while both caring deeply about right and wrong,” Kreisberg said.

David Nutter, who directed the “Arrow” pilot and the “Game of Thrones” recent Red Wedding episode, will direct the third episode The Flash is featured in – Episode 20 (he’ll also be in 8 and 9 of “Arrow” Season 2).

“That was one of the greatest episodes of television this year and ‘Game of Thrones’ is one of the greatest shows,” DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns said of Nutter. “David Nutter’s a fantastic director and he did the pilot for ‘Smallville.’”

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“And he also did the pilot for ‘Arrow,’ so it feels right that he’s doing this. As much as people talk about Marc [Guggenheim] and I for ‘Arrow,’ David really made it what it was with his amazing direction and unparalleled leadership,” Kreisberg said.

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