‘Arrow’: Willa Holland On Thea’s Fear In ‘Deathstroke’

Slade Wilson has finally made his move against Oliver Queen in his quest for vengeance, and he is starting his attack by kidnapping Willa Holland’s Thea Queen.

Fans have been excited about this week’s episode, titled “Deathstroke,” so much so that some of them recreated The CW’s trailer with Legos – something Willa checked out for the first time during her interview with AccessHollywood.com.

“This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Willa said of the clip, which features Lego Thea held captive by Lego Slade. “Oh my God! How did they do this? This is the greatest thing I have ever seen. This is literally the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. … That’s amazing.”

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And, from the intense previews, it looks like this Wednesday’s episode of “Arrow” is also amazing. Willa spoke with Access about the dark twists ahead, how things will affect Thea, Oliver’s mental state, working with Manu Bennett (Slade) and whether she’ll eventually get to kick some butt on The CW drama.

AccessHollywood.com: Is this the episode where Thea learns not to take rides from semi-strangers?

Willa Holland: Yeah, pretty much. I think she kind of learns that. I thought that was like something that would be instilled into most girls’ brains…But, apparently not.

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Access: She only met him once, I think, when he came to the house?

Willa: Yeah, he didn’t seem too scary at first. But I mean, he wasn’t [necessarily] a stranger. She did know of Slade Wilson, she just didn’t know how bad Slade Wilson was.

Access: How bad is it going to get for poor Thea Queen in this week’s episode?

Willa: I think it’s going to get pretty intense for her. Obviously she gets kidnapped and I think she’s just in this place, in a state of duress and … she’s under a lot of fear not knowing what’s going to be happening to her. It’s a very intense, intense episode for her, just because she hasn’t really been kidnapped in a state like this in a while. … I feel like every girl in this show gets kidnapped two or three times, so she’s due for another one, I guess, and so here’s her next [one] and this one’s kind of the most detrimental, I think.

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Access: Is she worried that people won’t come find her, because of what just happened with Roy? What is her state of mind as it’s taking place?

Willa: Well I mean, she doesn’t really know that Oliver’s the Arrow or that Roy has any connection with the Arrow, so, really, in her mind, it’s not like the first thing that happens when she gets kidnapped [is], ‘Oh they’re gonna come save me. ‘I think she’s scared. I think the normal reaction would be like, ‘Maybe the police will figure this out,’ but there is that taping that [Slade] does… so I think she’s starting to realize that this is gonna be something that goes public, that he’s toying with her and her family as well. There’s a lot of elements to this kidnapping for sure.

Access: Does this kidnapping put Oliver’s secret identity in jeopardy a little bit? Is there potential for Thea to find out?

Willa: I think it puts more of Oliver’s sanity in jeopardy just because it’s screwing with him not knowing what’s happening, because Slade is teasing him with Thea so, so hard in this episode.

Access: What was it like working with Manu? He really takes his craft seriously and this must have been interesting, as an actor, to work with him on this material.

Willa: He’s fantastic and he really – he does pay so much attention to his craft and it’s just really awesome to watch it all fall out, like when it all unfolds. It makes a difference. His intensity, it comes on screen and you can feel it.

Access: What will we get from him in this episode? We’ve seen bits of Deathstroke in Starling City.

Willa: I can’t really reveal too much. I can just say that this episode’s not the last one we’re gonna see of him and be afraid of him.

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Access: Thea has been through a hell of a lot. She came out of Season 1 so well rounded. Is this the kind of thing that shakes her foundation again?

Willa: Yeah. I think this is shaking her in a far more intense way, because now there’s these two intense secrets. … We knew about the first one, we always knew about Oliver, but now we’re realizing how much her trust in Oliver means to her and also, we’re realizing how vulnerable she is to just being lied to right now. She really can’t handle it. I think that she’s come a … long way from the last season, and she’s learned to handle a lot, but her main thing has always been, just as long as she knows what’s going on. And now, when all these things start unfolding, like Roy ends it with her, and she doesn’t know why, like there’s just no answer. I think when she starts finally getting these answers and realizing she’s been lied to so for so long, it’s going to affect her in a really intense way.

Access: Are you hoping in the future they write you scenes where you get to kick butt?

Willa: Oh, I am praying for that. I am begging for that. I’ve been asking since day 1.

Access: Have they been receptive at all when you put forward these pleas?

Willa: Oh, they’ve definitely been like, ‘Oh, just you wait, sweetie. Just you wait. You’re gonna have to wait patiently, but just you wait.’ They won’t tell me anything. They will never tell me anything, but they’re just like, ‘OK, no. No. But you’ll be excited in an amount of time down the line.’

Access: Maybe the Lego people can make a kickass Thea thing.

Willa: That would be awesome. I would be so down for that.

“Arrow” continues Wednesday night at 8/7c on The CW.

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