Authorities Investigating Samantha Ronson Dog Incident

Authorities for the Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control are investigating an incident involving celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson’s bulldog, Cadillac, who allegedly attacked and killed a small dog in her apartment building on Monday, Access Hollywood has confirmed.

According to Michelle Roache, Deputy Director of the Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control, officers are still investigating what happened, but preliminary reports suggest Ronson’s dog got loose from her apartment, and engaged in an altercation with a small white dog, that died as a result of the incident. Ronson is the ex-girlfriend of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan.

“The dog escaped the apartment unit and… unfortunately there was another small dog in the hallway at the same time and an attack [occurred] resulting in death of the small dog,” Roache told Access.

The DACC plan to investigate the circumstances of the incident, including reports – like one on TMZ on Monday – that the white dog’s owner was injured in the incident. Roache said the DACC would also look into Ronson’s dog’s past behavior to find out if there were previous incidents.

“We have to determine what provoked it and what’s going to be a good ending result for the dog,” she said. “Most of these dogs are rehabilitatable.”

E! News reported on Tuesday that Ronson has since removed the dog from her apartment and is moving the dog to the East Coast. Roache said a move to a bigger space could potentially be helpful for the animal, who could be dealing with territory issues, as is common among dogs that live in complexes with multi-units.

Following the investigation, the DACC may hand the case over to the District Attorney or City Attorney’s office, where Roache said issues related to the dog would be looked at first. After that, if the DA or City Attorney’s office were willing to take the case, Ronson could face code violation issues, which may result in fines, Roache said of potential consequences. She added that mitigating factors could include prior instances with the dog – if there are any.

Additionally, there could be civil ramifications, which Ronson could work out with her neighbor.

Ronson seemed very upset over the incident. Although she didn’t mention it directly, it seemed clear she was writing about it when she posted a note on Twitter on Monday night.

“I feel incredibly sad and wish I could offer more than condolences, unfortunately there are no words to describe how sorry I am,” she wrote, adding, “There is absolutely nothing I can say that will alter one minute of today, nothing.”

According to TMZ, Ronson was sleeping at the time of the incident. Law enforcement sourced claimed to TMZ that a 911 call was placed and someone allegedly said a “pit bull” attacked both a small dog and the dog’s owner. Later, sources told the website, the attacking dog was a bulldog.

On Monday afternoon, X17 posted an account of the dog attack, but claimed it was Ronson’s dog that was attacked. The website reported that a smaller dog got out and bit Ronson’s dog in the leg, before biting its owner. The story has since been removed from X17’s website.

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