Avril Lavigne On Becoming A Celebrity Entrepreneur & Touring With Back-Up Dancers

Avril Lavigne is joining the world of celebrity entrepreneurs.

The pop-rock singer confirmed rumors she's heading into the world of fragrances and designer duds, in an interview with reporters earlier today.

"I'm going to be doing a fragrance and I'm also going to be doing a clothing line," Lavigne said. "The clothing line I wanted to do for about three years. A lot of times what people do is they do a licensing deal and I didn't want to do that, I wanted to own a company and really be able to be a designer, be creative. I finally found someone to partner up with and I'm very excited about it because I love clothes, I love anything visual and I'm excited to be able to focus on something else creatively."

Lavigne is embarking on "The Best Damn Tour," a jaunt in support of her 2007 album, "The Best Damn Thing," beginning March 5. The trek will take her across the world, but when she gets back, she plans to throw herself into her new, second career.

"I love music and by the time I get off tour, I think it'll be me doing music straight for seven years, so I look forward to something new and to put my energy into and to take a little break even though I'll still be writing," she said.

As for the Canadian's globetrotting, Lavigne will be breaking out a few things to tickle the fancy of concertgoers, including back-up dancers.

"There is dancing on maybe like four songs and it's not very like, dancing," she said, weary of those who might try and peg the tour pop-esque. "It's very me, kind of kicking and punching and stomping . songs like 'Girlfriend' and 'I Can Do Better.' Then it's me playing guitar, me on the piano, me with my band the entire show and then [the dancers] come back. So it's not actually a lot."

Another moment to look out for, Lavigne's cover of Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation" during a costume change. The piped-in sounds will accompany a montage of Lavigne throughout the years.

"This was Jamie King, my set director, his idea, which was kind of cool," the singer explained. "When I go do a change, he came up with the idea, of having 'Bad Reputation' play in a video montage and I was like, 'It was really cool that he thought of that, because that was a song that I was actually thinking about covering, because I had to come up with a good cover song.'

"He just wanted to put some fun images up on the screen, different images of me from throughout my career, from when I was 17, with my fist in the air screaming, or my little kick shots and just fun shots," she added.

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