‘Bachelor Pad 2’: Meet the Contestants!

On August 8, the second season of the “Bachelor Pad” airs on ABC. From Justin “Rated-R” Rego to Michelle Money, this season features the best characters from “Bachelor” past. Who’s going to walk away with money? And who will finally find love? Access breaks down the cast and sizes up the competition for the $250,000 prize!

Alli Travis, (“The Bachelor” Season 15, Brad Womack) – During the first rose ceremony, and within minutes of meeting Brad, Alli bent over in front of him to see what he thought of her derrière. Supposedly her ex-boyfriend thought it was too big, so she wanted Brad’s opinion. His thoughts didn’t matter in the end, because she was sent home during her very first one-on-one date.
“Bachelor Pad” Prediction - Stacked up against outgoing, memorable contestants, she’ll be one of the first to go.

Ames Brown, (“The Bachelorette” Season 7, Ashley Hebert) – With degrees from Harvard, Yale and Columbia, Ames was quickly regarded as the smartest person to ever appear on the show. The quirky east-coaster took things slow with Ashley, but was eliminated after a romantic hometown date that involved a horse, carriage and many collared shirts.
“Bachelor Pad” Prediction – Ames has really thrown himself into the cream of the “Bachelor” franchise crop by joining this cast. With his smarts, he could outplay everyone ‘til the end, or just end up choosing to leave early.

Blake Julian, (“The Bachelorette” Season 7, Ashley Hebert) – The only reason why we (may) remember Blake is because he was just on TV. Even though both he and Ashley are dentists, that conversation could only go so far because he was eliminated without even getting a one-on-one date.
“Bachelor Pad” Prediction – Blake seems to have a friendly, fun demeanor, which will bode well with the other contestants, making him a strong contender for the cash prize. Also, he is considered fresh meat in the “Bachelor” world.

Ella Nolan, (“The Bachelor” Season 14, Jake Pavelka) – On her first one-on-one date with Jake, Ella took a big step and introduced him to her son. While everything seemed like sunshine and roses (pun intended!) for these two, she was eventually sent home during a two-on-one date. Afterward, she expressed nothing but positive opinions for her fellow housemates, especially Vienna Girardi, who was disliked by many of the girls.
“Bachelor Pad"Prediction – Her kind persona and good relations with many of the contestants will save her from getting voted out of the house for a while.

Erica Rose, (“The Bachelor” Season 9, Lorenzo Borghese) – The daughter of a prominent plastic surgeon, her occupation was listed as “socialite.” She was eliminated on only the third episode, but will be forever in the hearts of “Bachelor” fans, for wearing tiaras and causing constant drama. She was recently featured on VH1’s “You’re Cut Off!” and claims she is actually very down-to-earth and independent.
“Bachelor Pad” Prediction – Regardless of how “down-to-earth” she says she is, if she continues to wear tiaras in the house, her fellow contestants may get the wrong idea. But she makes for good TV, so hopefully she will last for at least half the season.

Gia Allemand, (“The Bachelor” Season 14, Jake Pavelka) – While her relationship with Jake lasted until the second-to-last episode, Gia is better known for what happened AFTER the show. She briefly dated Wes Hayden from Jillian’s season and then got into a classy Twitter fight, (as all Twitter fights are), with Vienna Girardi after Vienna supposedly hooked up with Wes during a “Bachelor” reunion. What a whirlwind.
“Bachelor Pad” Prediction – While she may be the only person who has been on “Bachelor Pad” before, her new boyfriend, NBA star Ryan Anderson, and her tense relationship with Vienna are factors that will lead to an early departure.

Graham Bunn, (“The Bachelorette” Season 4, DeAnna Pappas) – Even though he made it as far as the hometown date episode, Graham and DeAnna’s relationship had already wilted like the roses he had previously received. Throughout the season, their interactions only consisted of her telling him how beautiful he was. Graham and his pretty face later dated a soap opera star after the show.
“Bachelor Pad” Prediction – He will go far in this competition because he doesn’t have many connections to the other contestants, so they can have a (semi) open mind about him. And did we mention he is very good-looking?

Holly Durst, (“The Bachelor” Season 12, Matt Grant) – Fans certainly remember Holly from Matt’s season, right? Uhhh… does anyone even remember that season? Yeah, not so much. Anyway, Holly was eliminated early on, but was quickly tangled into an incestual-like web of romance. She briefly dated DeAnna Pappas’ ex-fiancé Jesse Csincsak, broke up with him, and then got engaged to Michael Stagliano. Michael’s twin brother, Stephen, got engaged to DeAnna. Take a minute to process that.
“Bachelor Pad” Prediction – Did we mention that Holly broke off her engagement to Michael? And that Michael (more on him coming up!) is also on the show this season? Enough said.

Jackie Gordon, (“The Bachelor” Season 15, Brad Womack) – After a romantic one-on-one date with Brad that consisted of a princess makeover and private Train concert, there was nowhere to go but downhill for Jackie. She got eliminated after freaking out about repelling down a waterfall.
“Bachelor Pad” Prediction – Jackie is a shy human, which will end up hurting her in a crowd where you have to be able to hold your own. Regardless, it sounds like she found love and will have one close ally in the house. According to Life & Style, Jackie and former Ashley Hebert suitor/fellow “Bachelor Pad” contestant Ames Brown were recently seen enjoying a weekend in Napa Valley together.

Jake Pavelka, (“The Bachelor” Season 14) – Where to begin? It’s obvious this man loves being on TV. He originally appeared on Jillian Harris’ season, then his own. He continued on to a televised breakup and “Dancing With the Stars.” To top it off, he will be gracing us with his presence once again. At this point, it’s obvious Jake’s looking for attention — not love.
“Bachelor Pad” Prediction ­– Jake’s ex-fianceé, Vienna Girardi, and her current boyfriend, Kasey Kahl, will be competing on the show as well. Last time they saw each other was at their intimate breakup on national television, where they fought about every topic under the sun. Regardless of how long he stays on the show, let’s just hope this is the last we see of him.

Justin “Rated-R” Rego, (“The Bachelorette” Season 6, Ali Fedotowski) – Last time we saw Justin, the “Rated-R” wrestler, was when Ali chased him through foliage in a hotel garden after she found out he had multiple girlfriends back home.
“Bachelor Pad” Prediction ­– Because of his sneaky ways, fellow contestants will get rid of him early on. Besides, who knows if he’s left someone (or multiple someones?!?) at home again this time?

Kasey Kahl, (“The Bachelorette” Season 6, Ali Fedotowski) – After Ali Fedotowski told Kasey that he wasn’t the guy for her, he got a tattoo professing that he would guard and protect her heart forever, probably from guys like Justin “Rated-R.” Even though he inked over half his arm for her, Ali sent him home once again.
“Bachelor Pad” Prediction – Kasey and his girlfriend, Vienna Girardi, will have to fight the ridiculous battle that is Jake Pavelka throughout the season. But because they are already paired up, they will be frontrunners, fighting until the end for the money.

Kirk Dewindt, (“The Bachelorette” Season 6, Ali Fedotowski) – Seemingly forgettable, if anyone actually knows who Kirk is then they probably remember him from his hometown date with Ali. He took her down to his basement so that she could see the family Taxidermy collection. At the shock of no one, he was eliminated soon after.
“Bachelor Pad” Prediction – The other guys from Ali’s season probably don’t even remember him, so he could make it far by flying under the radar — or leave right away. Either way, we’ve already forgotten who we were talking about. Moving on…

Melissa Schreiber, (“The Bachelor” Season 15, Brad Womack) – After spending much of her time at the “Bachelor” house freaking out on Raichel Goodyear for no obvious reason and causing drama, Brad sent her packing. “Bachelor Pad"Prediction – Her vicious reputation will hinder her time on the show. Fellow contestants will want to stay far away from the girl who’s known for picking constant fights for no reason.

Michael Stagliano, (“The Bachelorette” Season 5, Jillian Harris) – After the young break-dance teacher was eliminated from Jillian’s season, he went on to woo the aforementioned Holly Durst, a former “Bachelor” contender. Once engaged, they planned a double wedding with his twin brother, Stephen, and former “Bachelorette” DeAnna Pappas. Holly broke off the engagement, breaking Michael’s heart yet again.
“Bachelor Pad” Prediction – Honestly, we don’t care about how far along he gets in the competition. We just want to know what happens with Holly!

Michelle Money, (“The Bachelor” Season 15, Brad Womack) – From her prolonged, creepy stares to sneaking into Brad’s hotel room, Michelle made herself one of the only entertaining parts of Brad’s season. To secure her 15 minutes, she warned Ashley about Bentley’s bad boy ways at the beginning of the recent season, getting her name out there one more time.
“Bachelor Pad” Prediction – Although she’s known for being a bit crazy, Michelle could go far in the competition, by seducing and deceiving her fellow contestants along the way. We like her chances.

Vienna Girardi, (“The Bachelor” Season 14, Jake Pavelka) – Although she wasn’t well-liked amongst the other girls vying for the Bachelor’s heart, she won Jake over in the end. But she’s best known for her televised breakup with him, which ended when she stormed off the set in a fit of tears, never to be seen until… the next time she could come on TV. But with a built in teammate in current beau Kasey, you never know how far she can go again! “Bachelor Pad” Prediction – Vienna has the most dirty laundry in the house, having to deal with girls from Jake’s season and also Jake himself. But her current boyfriend, Kasey Kahl, will be by her side to fend off the haters, making her a top contender for the money at the end.

William Holman, (“The Bachelorette” Season 7, Ashley Hebert) – The aspiring comedian and current cell phone salesman was the reason for one of Ashley’s multiple breakdowns this season. During a comedy roast, he joked that he wished the Bachelorette were Emily or Chantal… which is something everybody wished — but would never actually say out loud.
“Bachelor Pad” Prediction – His borderline-annoying personality may rub people the wrong way, but is William even looking for love or money? Or just a comedy deal? Let’s hope the curtain falls on him early.

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