‘Bandslam’ Brings Back High School Angst For Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow’s new film, “Bandslam,” with Vanessa Hudgens is bringing back some high school demons for the “Friends” star.

“I used to cry almost every night. My parents would say, ‘Don’t worry. College will be better!’” Lisa told Britain’s The Daily Telegraph. “[It was] just a case of trying to keep breathing and getting through it. I’d have felt more like a normal teenager if I had a boyfriend. But I never did. And I didn’t like any of the guys in school. In fact, they all seemed so simplistic that I really could not see myself dating any of them.”

In the new teen flick, Lisa plays the mother of the new kid in town, who competes in a school battle of the bands competition. During the actress’ time in high school, she revealed that she wasn’t the one forming rock bands and competing for musical glory.

’[I] really didn’t form that many friendships,” She explained. “It seems in high school, you keep trying on different identities, figuring out how you are going to be and how you are going to fit into all this. It is a really hard time. I had four friends and we listened to New Age music, and went to vintage clothing stores.”

Lisa said her character interacts with her on-screen son in a ways she’s not sure she could do with her own real-life son.

“There are scenes in ‘Bandslam’ when my character tries to talk to her son about his emotions,” Lisa told the mag. “And I know that my son doesn’t want to be able to talk about emotions and girlfriends. But you also feel as a parent that if it comes to more serious issues, drugs or something really bad, you should be talking to your kids. That is the tricky part. How come they are not allowed to tell you some things but they absolutely have to tell you others? Anyway, so long as he’s okay – and he’s not crying into his pillow! – then I’m happy.”

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