Banshee: Antony Starr & Ivana Milicevic Preview Season 2

Cinemax’s sexy, stylized, high-octane series “Banshee” is back for its second season tonight, and after its explosive end in 2013, Sheriff Lucas Hood is in a world of pain.

“He’s in a tight spot and Deputy Siobhan Kelly is there tending his wounds,” Ivana Milicevic (Ana/Carrie Hopewell on the show) told of what’s going on with Lucas at the start of the new season, which picks up one week after he was rescued from Rabbit’s warehouse.

Once recovered, the revelation in Season 1 that Lucas fathered Ana/Carrie’s daughter – Dava – will continue to ground the Sheriff in the town of Banshee.

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“Season 2 for Lucas is all about protection,” Antony Starr (who plays Lucas) told Access. “He’s now a father; Rabbit is not found, so we don’t know what’s going on with that and as long as that threat is there, he needs to protect the ones that he loves, so it’s a whole new world for Lucas when he becomes conscious again.”

Several new characters will join the series, including Agent Racine, who comes to town to look into the raucous created when the gang – the Banshee deputies, Sugar, Job and Ana/Carrie — saved Lucas.

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“He represents something that none of them have seen before,” Antony said. “He is a whole new level of threat. He is an FBI superstar, if you like, that comes in and he’s got so much weight behind him in terms of what he can legally do, which for all of our characters is potentially very problematic. And he’s very clearly on a mission. No one knows quite what it is at first or, they have an idea of what it is — he gives away clues — but he’s a force to be reckoned with.”

Lucas isn’t the only one facing some obstacles. After Carrie’s family found out she had a past, including a different name and a psycho gangster father (Rabbit), they want nothing to do with her.

“Carrie Hopewell cannot win. She cannot win,” Ivana told Access. “It seems like [in] every single episode she’s got really hard decisions to make and she just can’t win and now she’s trying — she actually wants to come clean and nobody will give her the time of day.”

“Banshee” Season 2 premieres tonight at 10 PM ET/PT on Cinemax.

-- Jolie Lash

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