Banshee: Hoon Lee Talks Season Finale — Everything Gets Brought To A ‘Critical Mass!’

It’s a big night for fans of Cinemax’s freshman drama “Banshee,” as the season finale kicks off at 10 PM on the network.

Hoon Lee, who plays Lucas Hood’s corseted-wearing hacker BFF – Job — told that all the “parallel paths that we’ve been following through the show,” are set to “collide.”

Lucas Hood (Antony Starr) and Carrie/Ana Hopewell (Ivana Milicevic) remain in grave danger with Rabbit not only in their town, but using Carrie’s young son as leverage to get the man who not only stole his diamonds 15 years ago, but stole the heart of his daughter.

Expect to see this season’s loose ends tripping characters up, and plenty of from the whole “Banshee” cast when the finale hits the air. But, will fans find out Lucas’ real name by the time it’s all said and done? Hoon shared with some hints about what’s ahead.

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Hoon Lee: It’s really invigorating. The response has been so gratifying, really… To see that hard work being received so well is incredibly satisfying and it just gives us a lot of fuel for Season 2. I think we’re kind of in perfect position because I think we are able to go into Season 2 with confidence – not second guessing ourselves — and still have the experience of Season 1 under our belts.

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Access: What do you think makes Job so loyal to Lucas. There’s clearly a love there for him to constantly help Lucas out when he’s in serious circumstances. What kind of a love is it?

Hoon: I think that in a lot of ways it’s a very much like a sibling relationship… The ties to each other are kind of complex, but I will say that one of the traits that I think Job mirrors in Lucas is the idea of loyalty. When you think about Antony’s character’s journey through this series — a common thread through all of this is an incredible sense of loyalty: to not give up Ana over 15 years, to come back for her and even when he becomes this sheriff in the town that he really has no connection to, he quickly establishes these sorts of ties to people and I think that’s a common trait that he and Job share. So Job’s loyalty to Antony’s character is very deep seated and it causes a lot of problems for and him and it makes him furious… but it’s kind of an unshakeable truth of his being. And I think that that’s one of those places where the two characters really, really understand each other and intersect and depend on each other.

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Access: Do you happen to know what Lucas’ name really is?

Hoon: I don’t actually, no… I try to refer to him as ‘Antony’s character,’ because I just want to draw that distinction… Lucas Hood is a real person. He’s the sheriff that died [in the first episode at Sugar’s bar] so I do try to think of them as distinct people. It’s never far from anyone’s mind that Antony’s character is an imposter, and what’s interesting for me is, as a character who knows his prior life, I’m fortunate in that Job has a certain way of speaking where not articulating his character’s name is easy. He can refer to him as ‘Baby’ or ‘Honey’ or whatever.

Access: It’s like Mr. Big from ‘Sex and The City.’

Hoon: Exactly. Yeah, but I think that these questions are very interesting — to me at least. They’re very primal sorts of – the idea of naming is such a primal, powerful thing and to deliberately withhold that I think is [a] very subtle, but very important point of the show.

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Access: Hopefully they won’t name him John (which was Mr. Big’s name).

Hoon: I don’t know if they’ll ever reveal it, to be honest. In some ways, I hope they don’t.

Access: In this Friday’s episode, we get another side of your character – action star. What do you want to hint at about how big this episode is?

Hoon: The most important thing about this episode, to me, is that all of these parallel paths that we’ve been following through the show – the citizens of Banshee, the impending approach of Rabbit, the culmination of Antony’s character and how long can he maintain this masquerade, the collision of people from his past life, like Ana and Job — they’ve all been running on kind of parallel tracks and kind of bumping into each other, but this is one of the first times where kind of all those elements collide… Everything gets kind of brought to this sort of critical mass together and into this sort of crucible of action… The payoff is not just the action of it, it’s the collision of things and I think that’s what’s more interesting to me.

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Access: You’re such a well-spoken man, and you look so approachable. Where does the inner bi*** come from to play Job?

Hoon: I’ve rarely worked as an actor from a place of such intense focus on the external presentation of a character and it’s been hugely informative in that way. I’ve often praised our costume designer Patia Prouty… Her work in particular has been extremely helpful in informing who this person is for me. Over the course of pre-production, we started bouncing back and forth between a presentation and then how I would internalize that into a character… And that dialogue has been extremely helpful… There are things in my mind that I reference, they tend to be friends of mine for little bits and pieces, but a lot of what’s been helping glue everything together is just drawing from the script. I think the voice of Job is very clear on the page and collaboration in developing the external presentation… Even though he’s very foul mouthed (laughs), for the most part – especially to cows — there’s a real sensitivity to language, I think. There’s a real bounce and rhythm to how he speaks and I try to pay attention to that.

Access: Speaking of his wardrobe — loved the ‘Oh Snap!’ alligator t-shirt in Episode 9.

Hoon: (Laughs) Oh my gosh! That’s been — this is definitely the first time I’ve been upstaged by a T-shirt! I remember when Patia actually showed it to me… I thought it was great and we were just trying to find the place where we could use it where we could really see it… People have been really into it.

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