Banshee Q&A: Ivana Milicevic Talks Lucas/Carrie Romance; Hints At Trouble On The Way

It was the moment “Banshee” fans were waiting for. At the end of last week’s episode – Carrie and Lucas finally found themselves together again, romantically.

After 15 years, it only took assuming a dead sheriff’s identity, knocking his way across the town of Banshee, and rescuing Dava Hopewell — twice — for Carrie to finally run back into the arms of her ex.

But will the happy moment between Antony Starr’s Lucas and Ivana Milicevic’s Carrie last very long? In a new interview, Ivana hinted at what’s ahead in this Friday’s very big episode (especially for Carrie/Ana) of “Banshee” — one which she told left her bruised! Last week, after the hostage crisis at the school in the town of Banshee, Carrie and Lucas ended up on the news. How bad is that going to be, repercussion-wise?

Ivana: Really, really bad. [Ana/Carrie’s father] Rabbit is such a loose cannon that what the audience has to realize is, he if he finds me, he could possibly kill me and my whole family. He might not maybe, but he also totally might… It’s [not] — you’re his daughter, those are his grandchildren. No, he might totally, if the mood catches him, kill everybody. This is the kind of man he is. Obviously, Carrie’s going to try to do everything, forever, to try to prevent that… but it’s really ominous.

Access: Rabbit is so crazy, he’s shocked his own hair into becoming white.

Ivana: Exactly. Write that down.

Access: How huge is this episode?

Ivana: It’s a very huge episode for Carrie and a very big episode for [Proctor’s niece] Rebecca.

Access: Carrie and Lucas start the episode out back together. Can we expect any happy times for them?

Ivana: I don’t think so (laughs)… Carrie’s a really difficult character to play. I would love for her to be happy. I would love, just a flashback scene of a happy day because it’s a character that’s put in an impossible position and no, I don’t see happiness coming for either of them.

Access: Olek is in town (we saw him in the diner last week). How bad is that?

Ivana: Well, it’s an omen. If he’s there, it’s just a matter of time before Rabbit’s there and it’s kind of interesting — why is he there without Rabbit? It’s just unraveling. It’s just another example of how sh** is spiraling out of control – for Carrie, for Lucas… well, really mostly for them… and for everything that they hold dear.

Access: Gordon Hopewell, Carrie’s husband, is beginning to suspect something is amiss too.

Ivana: I think it’s that thing of how people intuitively know everything. Whether or not they want to turn a blind eye, they know intuitively when something is up and I think that’s what’s happening with Gordon Hopewell. He knows that he knows something. He doesn’t know what…. But something is off and now, I believe, for Gordon, it’s about to get a little bit crazy.

Access: Before the episode airs, if you rated it on a scale of 1-10, how intense is this episode?

Ivana: For just Episode 8? [Episodes] 8, 9 and 10 go into each other, but it’s, for my character I’m going to say [Episode] 8 is an 8, [Episode] 9 is a 9 and [Episode] 10 is a 10. The buildup — it’s pretty intense and I know shooting it was really hard. I mean, I had a black eye, I had a swollen ankle. It was a really long hard day.

“Banshee” airs at 10 PM on Fridays on Cinemax.

-- Jolie Lash

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