Banshee: Showrunner Greg Yaitanes Previews Jaw-Dropping Lucas Hood Prison Episode

Cinemax’s “Banshee” heads “inside” this Friday, and viewers are in for a truly visceral experience with the look back at Lucas Hood’s tormented time in prison.

It’s a big, big episode and not for the faint of heart.

Showrunner and Executive Producer Greg Yaitanes told that this week’s episode, titled “Wicks,” will explain just how Lucas became Lucas, the kind of guy who — despite a major height and weight advantage — can take down an MMA fighter. It also will help explain why Lucas seems to thrive when making impulsive decisions – like answering a dead man’s phone and assuming his identity.

Finally, fans will learn the story of how exactly “The Albino” fits into Sheriff Hood’s life. And, it all begins when a man from Lucas’ past – Wicks – shows up in “Banshee.” Why did you guys put the prison episode in now, and go back in time now, for Episode 6?

Greg Yaitanes: We’ve been seeing that Lucas is haunted by something and we haven’t really answered for what happened in prison — like — how was Lucas Hood made. And I think once you’re invested in a character, to go back and see their beginnings is always exciting. So it really took until now, and by now, meaning, half way through the journey of Season 1, for people to be invested and care and want to know more about Lucas Hood. I think now is sort of the perfect time and it’s the perfect way to tell that story when someone from his past shows up in Banshee.

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Access: What do you think people are going to learn about Lucas in this episode?

Greg: It’s the origin of Lucas Hood episode, and… the thing was, it’ll really answer for just how bad it was in prison for Lucas and what he had to do to get back to Carrie. It not only tells the story of Lucas Hood, but it also strengthens how far he’s come to be with Carrie/Ana.

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Access: This is a big episode. How many jaw-dropping moments do you think there actually are?

Greg: How many jaw-dropping moments? Awww, man, I have to say, it is one of my favorite episodes. Every few minutes, something new is being revealed to the audience. From the moment Wicks gets off the bus, it really sets in motion… [There are] five or six throughout the hour that completely take me by surprise. I had one experience when I read the script. And when OC [Madsen] directed this episode, I had a whole other interpretation of the Carrie/Lucas relationship by the end of the episode.

Click HERE to watch a preview of the episode on the Cinemax site.

Access: Are there little insider nuggets people should be looking out for in this episode?

Greg: People have seen Joe Gatt, who plays ‘The Albino.’ They’ve seen him teased up to this point — we got some flashes of ‘The Albino’ in Episode 3 when we had the MMA fighter. This [week’s episode] will also explain Lucas’ ability to survive and why he has so much heart.

Access: Without giving anything away, when you actually saw the episode yourself, how did it affect you physically?

Greg: (Laughs) I crossed my legs! I crossed my legs!

“Banshee” airs Friday at 10 PM on Cinemax.

-- Jolie Lash

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