Barbara Walters Grills Camille Grammer About Absent Sex Life With Kelsey Grammer On ‘The View’

Camille Grammer had her past, absent sex life with estranged husband Kelsey Grammer put on the hot seat by Barbara Walters when she visited “The View” on Monday.

During Camille’s appearance, to promote “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion, Part 2,” Barbara asked the reality star about her previous admission that she and Kelsey had not been intimate for a couple of years.

“Is that true?” Barbara asked

“We tried,” Camille, 42, said.

Barbara continued to probe Camille about the admission, asking the “Real Housewives” star, “If so, why are you then surprised that he wanted someone else?,” referring to Kelsey taking up with a new woman, his now fiancée Kayte Walsh.

“You know, there’s so much more to marriage than sex,” Camille said.

“Why weren’t you having sex?” Barbara asked again.

“Um, you have to ask him that,” Camille laughed.

Then, yet again, Barbara pushed for more details.

“I thought I’d ask you since you’re the one who said it,” Barbara said, seemingly shocking Camille, who said, “Ooh!”

In the short exchange, Barbara dove in yet one more time about Camille and Kelsey’s lack of a sex life while they were together.

“Then why would you be surprised that maybe he’d look elsewhere?” Barbara asked in a softer tone.

“We tried and something just didn’t click with us – on an intimate level, but we were best friends and it’s too bad that now I lost my best friend,” Camille said.

“You also lost a man, who wasn’t your lover,” Barbara replied.

“Yeah, that’s true,” Camille said.

Beyond talk about her love life with Kelsey, “The View” ladies asked Camille to clear up some rumors – including one that she was stalling in her divorce proceedings with the former “Frasier” star.

“I want this divorce over with. I want to move on with my life [and] to put it in the past and start anew,” she said. “I’m not stalling. I trust my lawyers that they’re doing the right thing.”

When asked if she will be attending Kelsey’s wedding to Kayte, something Kelsey said he plans to do next month, Camille said she definitely will not go.

“No, absolutely not. Would I want to sit there? That’d be awful,” she said.

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