‘Beauty And The Beast’: Kristin Kreuk & Austin Basis Preview More Trouble For VinCat

The gang from “Beauty and The Beast” found themselves with a new set of troubles when the drama returned to The CW last week.

Vincent (Jay Ryan), who has been accused of murder, is now a fugitive, and at the end of the episode, Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) was kidnapped by two figures in masks.

In a recent interview with AccessHollywood.com, Kristin said viewers can expect Vincent to return from hiding to help out his lady love.

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“Vincent’s supposed to be on the run. He ends up coming back. He finds out that’s happened and obviously, he’s going to want to deal with that and get her back,” Kristin hinted. “Nobody really knows where she is. They have to find her.”

Catherine fought with her kidnappers while she was being taken, sinking her teeth into one of them, and Kristin said fans can expect her character’s fighting spirit to continue.

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“She, in the meantime, is being resourceful, because she’s Catherine,” Kristin said.

The actress also revealed that the men behind the masks have a proposition for her.

“The people that kidnap her… they present something to her — they present kind of a deal that they can make with her and she doesn’t believe them. We can’t tell if they’re good guys or they’re bad guys or what their intention is,” she said.

Just five episodes of “Beauty and The Beast” remain in Season 2, and Austin Basis, who plays Vincent’s best friend, J.T. Forbes, said some old faces could return.

“There’s a couple of characters that kind of get mentioned and brought back to the storyline again in connecting the dots for this season,” he said. “There’s also some of the mythology that was touched upon earlier in the season, like the gem, the green gem and the beast collar. Rebecca Reynolds… there’s more investigated as regards to her.

“The plot is pushing forward and things are evolving forward, but I think it’s magnified by the information found out about the history of these events,” Austin continued.

Austin Basis and Jay Ryan in The CW's 'BATB' (Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW)

Austin Basis and Jay Ryan in The CW’s ‘BATB’ (Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW)

And, in addition to dealing with the immediate situation with Cat, the gang will be working on clearing Vincent’s name.

“The actual plot is focused on saving Vincent, vindicating him and finding out who is culpable for it and who turned him in and who is trying to set him up, which is kind of like the thru-line of the show in a broader sense, but… there are other levels of the story and other layers are able to kind of resurface or come up because we’re not so much concerned about the intricate details of like, [a] procedural,” he said.

“BATB” continues Monday at 9/8c on The CW.

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