Beauty And The Beast: Kristin Kreuk & Jay Ryan Talk Season 2

“Beauty and The Beast” returns to The CW for its second season this fall and Kristin Kreuk said Muirfield will no longer be a shadowy organization.

“Muirfield stuff will make sense this season,” Kristin, who plays Catherine on the series, told at Comic-Con in San Diego. “We’ll take all of the conspiracy stuff and go more into a mythology. … I can’t give anything away, but Muirfield will be clear by the end of Episode 1.”

Jay Ryan, who plays Vincent, said viewers will finally know one crucial detail about the organization.

WATCH IT NOW: Kristin Kreuk Talks The CW’s ‘Beauty & The Beast’ Season 2 (Comic-Con 2013)

“In Episode 1 of Season 2, we reveal who is the mastermind behind Muirfield,” he said.

For those thinking it might be the man in the helicopter, who captured Vincent in the Season 1 finale (and was revealed to be Catherine’s dad), Jay said to think again.

WATCH IT NOW: Jay Ryan Talks The CW’s ‘Beauty & The Beast’ Season 2 (Comic-Con 2013)

“It’s someone that you would never have thought of,” Jay said. “It’s a really great character and I can’t wait to see some actor to bring him to life.”

Speaking of Catherine’s real dad, Kristin said her character won’t learn the truth right away.

“For Catherine, it’s going to be a huge part of — obviously, she doesn’t know yet and she’s in the dark,” the actress said. “Her sister, on the other hand, knows that the father that she thinks is her father isn’t her father, and by the time we come back three months later, Heather is still holding that secret from Catherine.”

The new season will begin, yes, three months after Season 1 ended, and Kristin said Catherine isn’t in a great place thanks to Vincent’s absence.

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“Not well, let’s be honest,” Kristin said when we asked how Catherine is handling things. “Catherine is really struggling and… going, ‘Who am I?’ Ever character in the show is going, ‘Who am I?’ And for her, that’s ‘Who am I with him? Without him? Like, how do I define myself,’” she said.

“Beauty and The Beast” returns for Season 2 on Monday, October 7 at 9/8c on The CW.

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