‘Beauty And The Beast’: Kristin Kreuk On Catherine Springing Into Action (Again)

“Beauty and The Beast” returns to The CW on Monday night. Last time “BATB” was on The CW earlier this year, Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) had found her way back to Vincent (Jay Ryan).

Sadly, their romantic reunion was interrupted by the police, who arrested Vincent for the murder of Tori’s dad.

So far, Vincent, his girlfriend and his best friend, J.T., have limited methods to keep his beast abilities in check, so the former super soldier has real potential to beast out at any second in lockup.

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With the series beginning the final six episodes of Season 2 on Monday, Kristin spoke with AccessHollywood.com, sharing some hints about how Catherine will handle the newest drama – both with Vincent, and with Gabe, who her character recently split with. She also dished on the romance fans have been hoping for – between J.T. and Tess – and explained that the pair have a struggle ahead.

Catherine Will Jump To Help The Jailed Vincent: “Catherine’s pretty good under crisis situations. She tends to move into action as opposed to [becoming] emotional as we see over and over again and that’s going to be the case, although she does — I will acknowledge — she takes off out of the house to deal with the specific situation in her pajamas, which does come to be a slight issue because she’s like, in her pajamas and she doesn’t hold a lot of authority in her pajamas. She just tries to solve everything and that whole episode is essentially Catherine just barreling through, trying to fix the situation and it just keeps getting worse.”

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Will Catherine & Vincent Ever Get To Enjoy Their Romance? “Things will change for them, but I think that no matter what, and there is an episode in this arc that kind of deals with that, no matter what the situation is, and even if they’re not being chased by people… Catherine would get her nose into somebody’s business because she’d see an injustice or she’d see something going on in the world and she’d wanna make it right and that innately [causes] drama, although it might not be as horrifying as what happens with Vincent.”

On What’s Next For Catherine’s Ex, Gabe: “He really loves her and I think she hasn’t been as careful with him as maybe she could have been. But, he was rather persistent, so he’s gonna be l hurt and we’re going to see how he handles all of this over the six episodes and what is his breaking point, if there is one.”

Romantic Troubles For J.T. & Tess: “J.T. Tess are honestly my favorite couple, but they have so many problems. They’re kind of oddly matched. They’re just such a weird match and so as a result of that, there are difficulties. But they’re also the most sweet and I want to say innocent [couple]. There’s something childlike about their pairing that I really enjoy. … I think J.T.’s quite clear on his feelings the majority of the time, but Tess struggles and that’s going to — especially leading up to the finale — be very emotional for her and for the audience.”

“Beauty and The Beast” airs Monday night at 9/8c on The CW.

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