Beauty And The Beast Q&A: Kristin Kreuk Talks Catherine Chandler’s Boy Drama

Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan) are getting closer on The CW’s “Beauty and The Beast,” but this week things might get complicated for the pair, as the detective spends more time with another man in her life – Evan (Max Brown).

For weeks, Evan has been handling the medical side of Catherine’s investigations both on the books and off – including looking into Vincent’s cross species DNA – and flirting with his pretty co-worker.

In addition to addressing Catherine’s boy troubles on the way, Kristin told about the drama coming up with her character’s sister, Heather (Nicole Gale Anderson), and her dad, who has that wedding on the calendar. There’s another guy in the picture – Evan. She flirted with him in the first episode… Where is that going, because – at some point – she’s going to need a date for her father’s wedding.

Kristin Kreuk: (Laughs)… She does… [Catherine] and Evan — in my whole perspective of it — they’ve been flirting for years… He’s someone she cares about very deeply, like he’s a really good friend. He knows about everything to do with the cross species DNA, she talks to him about it, she’ll bring information to him about it and he cares about her a lot and he’ll tease her and there’s just such a familiarity and he’s so simple. So I think that as these episodes go on, the complexity of Vincent and the simplicity of Evan become more and more clear until (laughs) things change dramatically in her relationship with both of them, but really with Evan, because he finds out a whole bunch of information.

Access: I don’t trust him. He works alone with dead bodies.

Kristin: He does work alone with dead bodies. I think eventually we’ll find out why he does that.

Access: Are we going to meet Catherine’s dad?

Kristin: Yes… We meet him in about two or three episodes… He’s gonna be a big part of a couple of her arcs because he’s her dad and she feels very responsible for him losing his wife and for all of the things that happened to their family. So, Catherine starts to try to protect her dad and it causes a few problems in his relationship.

Access: Her sister has been bringing guys home, she’s a little wild, but at the same time, she didn’t have a mother as long as Catherine did. Is trouble on the way?

Kristin: I love Nicole, [who plays Heather], and I love having her on set. She’s amazing. Heather really represents someone who didn’t go through trauma in the same way Catherine did. She didn’t see her mom die in front of her and Catherine feels responsible for her. But you’ll see – Heather gets into a little bit of drama, but it’s mostly with boys and causing problems with boys.

Access: Speaking of boys, will we get to see more romantic interactions between Catherine and Vincent coming up?

Kristin: There’s gonna be some beautifully romantic moments, there’s going to be attempts at romantic moments that are foiled by drama. The two of them [are] very honest with each other very quickly about how they feel, but they’re both so uncomfortable with all of it – especially him. We’re gonna shoot one [romantic scene] this episode that’s gorgeous. This episode that were shooting right now is kind of like a fairytale, so there’s just these really lovely moments interspersed with drama that keeps them apart.

Access: A fairytale – does that mean great dresses?

Kristin: Yeah, it’s the wedding. We’re shooting the wedding this episode.

Access: Can Vincent be Catherine’s wedding date – through the window maybe?

Kristin: (Laughs)… I don’t know how much I can say. They make jokes about him taking her to the wedding. Obviously he can’t technically take her to the wedding because then he’d be out in public. It’s very romantic… This is the episode that will air right before Christmas and winter holiday.

“Beauty and The Beast” airs Thursday at 9/8c on The CW.

-- Jolie Lash

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