Beauty And The Beast Q&A: Nicole Gale Anderson Talks Heather Getting Involved In Catherine Chandler’s Love Life

It was Catherine Chandler’s perky little sister Heather who prompted plenty of screams at the television last week when she interrupted the detective’s first kiss with Vincent on The CW’s “Beauty and the Beast.”

This week though, Nicole Gale Anderson’s bubbly character hopes to keep the romance going for Kristin Kreuk’s Catherine, by inviting Jay Ryan’s Vincent over for a fun little get-to-know-the-family dinner.

But while she’s certainly intrigued that her romance-shy sister has a guy in her life, former “Jonas” star Nicole revealed to that Heather will show a new side to her character in tonight’s new episode, airing at 9/8c on The CW. Not just bright and bubbly, Heather will take after Catherine this week, playing a bit of a detective when it comes to Vincent Salansky. And, there’s a little continuing romance for Heather too with Joe’s little brother who was introduced last week – Darius (Christian Keyes). At the end of last week’s episode, Heather walked in and caught Catherine and Vincent about to kiss! That to me seems like holding red in front of a bull…

Nicole Gale Anderson: Right, yeah! Heather has always been so invested in Catherine’s lack of love life, so seeing Vincent in the apartment was really exciting for Heather. And obviously, she squealed a little at the end, and naturally, she wants to meet the guy and [is going to be] putting two and two together that it was the man from the wedding. She knows that something more is going on that Catherine isn’t letting on, so [Heather] wants to meet Vincent. She wants to get to know this guy who’s been in her sister’s life for, I guess, a while.

Access: Why do you think she’s so obsessed with her sister’s love life?

Nicole: I think it’s just a combination of a lot. She really wants to see her sister happy, first and foremost, and knowing how consuming Catherine’s job is for her, she just wants a guy for Catherine to make her happy and take her away from all of that, or at least take her mind off of all the hard things that she deals with at work. And we’ve been through a lot [as Chandlers]. Heather just really wants someone for her sister and I think part of it is also being the giddy younger sister that always looks up to Catherine. It’s also really exciting to see her with a guy in the living room being like, ‘Wow! What’s going on? This is so not like you!’

Access: There’s going to be a twist in this week’s episode… and Heather turns into a little bit of a detective too. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Nicole: Kristin and I were just laughing on set because it’s such a funny switch. Catherine is usually the one that interrogates the guy and the one that asks all the questions and is like the protective older sister, so when the tables turn and Heather’s the one interrogating Vincent and asking all the questions — it was a lot of fun for us to play because it’s so unlike our relationship. But it was also nice for me to play Heather in that sense because it really just shows that bond that sisters have… [you] go out of your way, even if it’s uncomfortable or painful. You’ll do what you think is right for them. We had a lot of fun with the dinner scenes – when Vincent comes over – and it’s just kind of trying to figure him out and everything else changes once Vincent tries to steal the photos!

Access: Heather has a love interest – Joe’s brother Darius, who she met in the Valentine’s Day episode. She falls so quickly! She fell for Evan really fast too.

Nicole: After an hour of conversation, Heather was like, ‘I’m in love!’… Last week’s episode ran over so they cut the whole date scene. It was supposed to be this really nice sort of involvement of Heather and Darius that the fans didn’t really get to see before this week’s episode, which is a bit of a bummer, but I think they’ll still appreciate Heather’s affection towards him. He just seems like a really smooth, sweet talking guy that appears to have a good job and a nice car and is really easy on the eyes. Heather is immediately like, ‘OK, who is this guy! And I’m not letting him go.’ And yeah, and he shows Heather a good time.

“Beauty and The Beast” airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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