Beauty And The Beast Season 2: Kristin Kreuk On Catherine Losing Control Over Vincent Being Missing

When “Beauty and The Beast” returns on Monday night, Kristin Kreuk’s Catherine Chandler will face a series of obstacles involving her romance with Jay Ryan’s Vincent Keller.

When the season starts, Vincent is missing and the normally put together Catherine, a woman who helped raise her sister after their mother’s death, someone who takes care of everyone in her life, is unhinged.

“Tess and JT are both, at the top of the season, very much going, ‘You need to focus on your life. This man is gone. You need to focus on you ‘cause you’re falling apart,’” Kristin explained during an on set chat, after The CW flew us up to the Toronto set, where they made us their guest. “Catherine hasn’t paid her bills; she’s got her bills stacked up; she doesn’t sleep; she drinks coffee; she’s on her computer; she’s constantly trying to find this guy. … She’s not even doing work anymore. She’s got Tess taking care of all the work. She’s so focused on it. She has nothing else.”

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Eventually, they will find Vincent, but when he returns, he’s less dysfunctional bad boy, and more “reprogrammed” (a word Jay used) super soldier on a new mission. So how will that affect Catherine and will the bad boy lover still find someone who is less moody attractive?

“That’s an interesting question,” Kristin said when Access asked it during a chat with reporters. “I think that, in some ways, he’s more of a challenge now that he’s back and I think for Catherine, I think she’s maybe a little over her weird things with bad boys.

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“I think that it’s kind of like a thing that she’s moving through, although she does love like a crazy person, but I think that for her, it’s more about — there’s this man, who’s the person that she put everything into and she held all of her crap together to try and just find him and when he looks like the person that she knew, he feels like the person that she knew, but he’s not, and she has this moment of being able to emotionally like let go and release all this stuff, but it’s with a man who is so different,” Kristin added.

Beyond her struggles with love, there’s a new group in the picture — the FBI, although Kristin was wary of saying too much.

“That’ll be revealed really quickly too in the first episode, who’s involved with the FBI, what does the FBI know, if they know anything,” she said.

“It’s complicated,” she added, of how the FBI fits in. “It could be that there’s [an] organization at the FBI, it could be that there’s a person that actually happens just to be an FBI agent. It could be a variety of different things.”

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One of the trailers for Season 2 seems to suggest that Catherine is going to go after those who took Vincent, not for “revenge,” but for “justice” and Kristin explained the reasoning behind the line.

“Vincent does certain things that are revenged focused,” Kristin said when Access asked about the trailer line during the on set group interview. “He’s a little more like that than she is, but Catherine’s very justice focused and she believes that there’s been a wrong done and it needs to be fixed and it isn’t about getting rid of some icky feeling for her, it’s more about the scales need to be balanced, whether that’s a flawed belief or not, is not necessarily for me to judge.”

“Beauty and The Beast” returns October 7 at 9/8c on The CW.

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