Beauty And The Beast Season 2 Preview: Jay Ryan On The ‘Reprogrammed’ Vincent Keller

He exited the first season of “Beauty and The Beast” in netting, captured and whisked away by a helicopter, but in Season 2, while Jay Ryan’s Vincent Keller will return to those who love him, he’s a different man.

The best friend of JT Forbes (Austin Basis) and the love of Catherine Chandler’s (Kristin Kreuk) life isn’t just missing his Season 1 scar when the show returns on Monday, October 7 at 9/8c on The CW, he’s missing his memory. And, as Jay told Access Hollywood when The CW flew us up to the show’s Toronto set and made us their guests recently, his new beast abilities have been supercharged.

“It’s interesting for me because I feel like the reprogramed Vincent is what Muirfield always intended this beast to be,” Jay said of what the secret agency did to his character in the months since JT and Catherine last saw him at the end of Season 1. “This beast is very sharp. He is basically there to serve, protect and ultimately eliminate whatever is on his mission.”

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But Vincent isn’t alone. “BATB” will reveal the man behind the curtain, and audiences will come to find out there are a number of beasts roaring around.

“In the first episode, we actually meet the mastermind behind these beasts, the actual guy that created them and we reveal sort of other creations that he’s made as well,” Jay explained.

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Among the changes to Vincent’s own programming include the ability to see things in a new way.

“What can I say, you know, the new superpower that is really the big one of this season is… a cinematic storytelling sort of method that we’ve got, which is really cool,” he told reporters on set. “I guess it’s a vision/mental thing that Vincent can do. And it’s almost like a tracking device.

“It’s more based in say like how a tiger would hunt its prey and they could almost foresee, predict patterns,” Jay continued. “Visually, it works really well for television ‘cause we can recap what’s been going on through Vincent’s new power.”

Fans who saw one of the new trailers for Season 2 may have noticed that there appears to be a new group in the picture beyond Muirfield, as a brief snippet showed a man in a room with “FBI” behind him on a wall.

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“They need to sweep up Murifield’s mess immediately because it’s starting to leak to the public and it’s starting to get out there a little bit more,” Jay hinted about what’s ahead with the new agency in the game. “Brad Kern, the new showrunner, he wanted to make it very New York, very present, and the threat of media, Twitter, you know, it’s out there so these things will start to be released, so they have to cover it up very quickly otherwise it’s the next hell that’s gonna be on the front cover of the New York Times.”

Another new threat on the show is in the romance department this season. With Vincent’s reprogramming came the loss of all of his memories — including those related to his girlfriend Catherine.

“In a way, Vincent and Catherine have the opportunity to fall in love all over again and there is always that pull between the two characters,” Jay told another reporter. “And, I think for Vincent, that’s what starts to unravel the new him, and [helps him to] realize that before what he is now, he [was] actually a man with a purpose and a love. So that’s what starts to bring him back to the old Vincent that we know and love.”

“Beauty and The Beast” returns Monday at 9/8c on The CW.

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