Beauty And The Beast Season 2 Preview: What’s Next For Gabe, JT & Tess?

“Beauty And The Beast” returns for its second season tonight on The CW.

The Beast – Jay Ryan – previously hinted (here) that his character returns “reprogrammed,” while Kristin Kreuk said Catherine, without Vincent, is unhinged (here).

The star-crossed characters aren’t the only ones neck deep in drama. Sendhil Ramamurthy teased what’s next for Gabe — who, surprise, made it out of the Season 1 finale. Austin Basis revealed that JT Forbes is dealing with feelings of failure in the quest to find Vincent. And, Nina Lisandrello explained just how Tess feels about the influx in Season 2 of more beasts.

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Gabe Is Back: Sendhil Ramamurthy’s Gabe character may have ended Season 1 looking as if he was close to expiring, but he’s still breathing in Season 2.

“I’m alive,” the actor told Access Hollywood when The CW flew us up to the show’s Toronto set, and made us their guest. “I can’t go into all those details of who saves me and how [I have been saved], but I can say it’s very ‘dramatical’ and… you’ll find out how it’s all done.”

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During the chat with reporters, Access asked Sendhil if, within the show, they’ve found some sort of patch for Gabe’s beast DNA problems (fans will recall part of the Season 1 finale involved Gabe trying to get Vincent’s DNA in order to survive).

“Gabe’s beastliness is addressed,” Sendhil replied. “It’s an ongoing thing through these episodes, certainly even up until what we’re shooting now. … Gabe beast-ness will be addressed constantly throughout these opening episodes and how we deal with the beasts ‘cause we find out right away… there are a lot more beasts out there than just the two of us and we explore that like in depth, which is cool.”

JT & Catherine Are Working Together: They didn’t always get along in Season 1, but Vincent’s kidnap (beast-nap?) in the show’s May finale, has caused Austin Basis’ JT and Kristin Kreuk’s Catherine to work together.

“It’s been three months since the kidnapping and they’ve been searching for Vincent,” Austin said, when Access asked during a chat with reporters, about their relationship.

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“I think the quick summary is that they worked together and when we find them in Episode 201, they still are coming up against dead ends,” he continued. “JT has been doing this for 10 years and 3 months. Cat’s been doing this for less than a year and she has that energy, she still has more of that hope, whereas JT is like, he’s a realist and a pessimist. … and so he always thinks the worst is happening and so every time he tries a new way to kind of get to Vincent or find out anything about Vincent it’s like a dead end, it’s a failure, and every time Cat kind of keeps on him and encourages him, it’s shoving that in his face that he failed.”

Tess Is Suspicious About The Expanding Beast Universe: As Sendhil said, there are more beasts than just Vincent and Gabe in Season 2, and it’s about to rock Tess’ world, Nina Lisandrello said.

“Tess always comes from the world of, ‘This is not OK.’ Like, ‘I will allow maybe one beast, but what are you talking about?’” Nina explained of her character’s Season 2 perspective. “She always comes from that pretty grounded in reality place of, ‘What the hell is going on?’ so she is very overwhelmed and very upset by all these beasts and it gets to the point where you can’t trust anyone and what world now is Tess living in where there could be beasts in it. So, whatever she accepted in [the] first season, she has to accept a lot more in second.”

And fans can expect her to have issues with the returned, “reprogrammed” Vincent too.

“I think Tess always has a lot of walls up, she has a really hard time trusting people and I think in this season, you kind of understand even more so why,” Nina said. “It’s just like, ‘Who the hell is this guy?’ He kind of seems to bring more anguish and hurt to Cat than positive things and… Tess is an outsider watching this relationship. Just kind of like how Cat was telling Tess to get out of this relationship with Joe [during Season 1], I think Tess is kind of like, ‘Just please make sure this is worth it, make sure this is all to your benefit instead of your detriment.’”

“Beauty and The Beast” returns for its second season, tonight at 9/8c on The CW.

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