Beauty & The Beast: Nina Lisandrello Talks Future Of Catherine & Tess’ Friendship

Just when fans were thinking things were starting to work out rather nicely for “Beauty and The Beast’s” Catherine and Vincent – romantically speaking — Cat’s colleague on the police force – Tess – chases down her boyfriend in an underground tunnel and shoots him.

It’s been an interesting week on Twitter since Nina Lisandrello’s character, Tess, pulled the trigger on the mutant Vincent in The CW Thursday night drama.

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And, during a break from filming, Nina shared that reaction, as well as Tess’ side of things. So, can the former best friends reignite their friendship, or does the realization that Kristin Kreuk’s Catherine has been keeping a huge secret about Vincent (Jay Ryan) from her fellow detective spell even more trouble for them all? You meanie! You shot the beast! What has the reaction been, because you are on Twitter?

Nina Lisandrello: I am on Twitter. You know, the fans are not happy. They’re not happy, but I have to defend Tess – I am a little bit biased, but I have to defend Tess. She doesn’t live in a world where people turn into beast creatures.

Access: Mutants!

Nina: Exactly. So when Vincent transforms like that and screams, ‘Go!’ she felt like she was being attacked, like she was about to be attacked, so it was completely done out of fear. There was no malicious intent, she doesn’t know that he’s connected to her best friend.

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Access: He’s her best friend’s boyfriend.

Nina: What a way to meet (laughs).

Access: Catherine’s like, ‘Listen Tess, this is my boyfriend and he’s got some mutant DNA.’

Nina: I thought I had a bad love life, OK (laughs)?

Access: Exactly. Tess has her own messed up love life with Joe. Why can’t she get behind Cat’s love life in that case? Tess is dating a cheater and Cat’s dating a mutant.

Nina: Well, we’ll see what Tess’ reaction is. I do think that Tess is a great friend and you just have to hope that Tess will accept a pretty big thing because he did kill Joe’s brother. It’s going to be a huge question as to who Tess decides to be loyal to. Is she loyal to her best friend or is she loyal to the man she’s fallen in love with.

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Access: She needs to dump Joe though. He’s no good for her.

Nina: I think the Joe storyline for Tess is kind of a bummer, but the one thing I like about it is, I think Tess — she’s called ‘Manslayer’ and she pretends like she’s super-super confident and then to do something like sleep with your married boss, says a lot about Tess’ insecurities.

Access: In the preview for Thursday’s episode, Tess tells Cat that she can’t be her friend. How bad is this going to be?

Nina: I will tell you this, this is definitely the biggest episode so far and the drama between Catherine and Tess was nothing short of just really exhausting and it was a real bummer to shoot on set. It was a really, really intense episode to shoot and… it’s a rollercoaster ride. You have no idea what is going on and where it’s going to go.

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Access: Start us on the rollercoaster. Where do we pick up with this episode?

Nina: We literally pick up right from right after I shoot him and I said on Twitter… I had shot one scene that I completely broke down crying afterward. The scene that starts off the episode that airs [Thursday] was so intense because Tess is literally putting all of the puzzle pieces together at once. So, it is a year of betrayal, [a] beast creature, who is Catherine, what is going on. Her entire reality gets taken away from her and it’s just intense. It was really, really, really brutal… At one point — I don’t know whether I can trust Catherine. It was really, really brutal to shoot.

Access: Can Cat and Tess come back from this?

Nina: I’ll put it this way, it’s going to take a lot to convince Tess to side with Catherine and Vincent because as far as Tess is concerned, he’s a vigilante, he’s killed people… Tess is black and white. She operates from the law. You do not take the law into your own hands, so it’s going to take a lot to convince Tess that what they’re doing is right and they’re coming from a good place.

An all-new episode of “Beauty and The Beast” airs Thursday at 9/8c on The CW.

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