Ben McKenzie & Donal Logue On TV’s New ‘Gotham’

The city of “Gotham” may have been explored in comic books and a host of feature films, but the new television series coming to Fox this fall is its own story.

“Everyone’s familiar with these characters in their adult selves, but we’re going back, maybe 20 years, to see Bruce [Wayne, who becomes Batman] as a young man — a 12-year-old; to see Catwoman at 12 as well as adult characters that you see later on in their lives,” Ben McKenzie, who plays a young James Gordon (before he was commissioner), told Access Hollywood at the Fox Upfronts on Monday.

Donal Logue, who is playing Harvey Bullock, said this early look at these famous Gotham city faces has already captured his attention.

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“They didn’t kind of fall into a nitrogen plant,” Donal said of the characters that make up the Fox drama. “They’re humans and they are fallible humans. They were either bullied children or something [happened to them] that turns them dark and turns them to the other side and we get to see that. People are going to love the performances in this pilot and to see where The Penguin and The Riddler and Poison Ivy and Catwoman – where they all come from — is gonna be fascinating.”

Ben said he went to lunch with DC Comics’ Geoff Johns for inspiration for his role.

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“[I said,] ‘Hey, send me whatever material you think,’ because this is kind of an amalgamation of different source material. We’re not relying solely on [comic book series] ‘Gotham Central’ or any of the specific interpretations,” Ben explained. “We’re sort of cobbling together the best parts of different ones. It’s a very fluid thing. … The best thing Geoff said to me is, ‘Look, at the end of the day, it’s yours.’”

“Gotham” premieres this fall on Fox.

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