Bill Rancic’s Marathon Mission! (Healthy Hollywood)

Reality star Bill Rancic is waking up a two-time winner this morning.

He finished the ING New York City Marathon and raised $30,000 for Fab-U-Wish, a breast cancer charity founded by his wife, Giuliana. His wife, as you may recall, went public with her struggle against breast two years ago. Since then, she and Bill have worked hard to raise awareness about the disease.

And, this adoring hubby calls Giuliana his hero.

“She’s my Navy SEAL. She’s a real warrior and someone who I am really proud and admire how she’s fought this with grace and elegance and make a difference along the way,” Bill explained.

As part of his charity race, Bill was the very last person over the starting line and the watch company Timex agreed to donate one dollar to every person he passed.

“It took me all of five seconds to say, ‘Yes, I’m doing it.’ I thought if I could raise $25,000 or $30,000 for Fab-U-Wish and what that money could do for these young ladies who are going through this horrible time in their life — it was a no-brainer,” Bill revealed to Healthy Hollywood a few days before the Marathon.

At 42, the TV personality and businessman says he has run a marathon twice before, but that was 12 years ago.

“I have always been a consistent runner but my runs now are like 5 miles and more for staying in shape and to keep the weight off. So, this raises the bar on my running and I needed to start doing 10 to 15 mile runs on the weekends to get ready. It’s a lot more of a time commitment,” he added.

And, he says training for the marathon did change his body.

“You definitely lose weight. I can eat anything I want. I am devouring everything in my path. You’re also more of your body. Your body talks to you a lot more when doing these runs. I have to stretch more and get more massages. You take care of yourself more than if you were doing a casual run,” Bill revealed.

As for Bill’s marathon time, he ran it in just under five hours. His wife cheered him on from the New York City streets, but their 13-month-old son, Duke, stayed back in California with grandma.

Congrats, Bill on a job well done!

For more on Fab-U-Wish, head to Also, check out Timex’s collection of runner’s watches at The watches might just get you inspired to get out there and run!

-- Terri MacLeod

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