Billy’s Blog: A Touching Tribute From NBA Star Ron Artest

Tonight was Dad’s Day at my kids’ school. It’s an afternoon featuring Dads vs. the Kids in basketball, volleyball, handball and street hockey. It’s followed by a bbq and the year’s athletic awards ceremony.

As always, my daughter Josie and I had a blast, but I have to thank the LA Lakers’ Ron Artest for stepping up.

Ron is not a school dad, but he was a giant tonight. Recently, my good friend Peter Lopez passed away; he was a major music lawyer and deal maker in this town. Better than that, he was a great guy and he loved his wife and daughters. Peter’s younger daughter is in my daughter’s class, so this day at school had every reason to be her worst since his death. Not only is there the great pain of the reminder, but an awkwardness with which no pre-teen should have to deal.

Enter Ron Artest.

Ron took the day and evening before game one of the NBA finals to fill in at Dad’s Day for my deceased pal… Ron was a client of Peter’s and he remains a friend. So like I mentioned, the day could have been nothing but bad, but instead, it was a lot of fun. Judging by the mob of boys in the class all over Artest, I’d say it was awesome.

Today, Ron Artest was a saint and savior, a selfless guy being there for a child in a tough spot. Looking ahead, I’ll always have Ron’s back like he had all of ours last night.

Now, Paul Pierce, I hope he dominates you on the hardwood tonight. I think he deserves it.

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