Billy’s Blog: Bush-Jacked! Billy Gets Hit By A Long-Shot!

Justin Long owes me an apology and Ellen owes Justin Long an apology. Neither needs to be a long apology. Ha ha!

Yesterday on “Ellen,” Justin shared a story about being on the red carpet at the premiere of “The Break-Up” starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, the film that brought them together as a couple.

Justin said that I had asked him about his worst break-up on the red carpet.

At that moment, his current breakup, unbeknownst to the public, was fresh… the day before. So he began to tell me. He said I was looking over his shoulder at Jennifer Aniston because she had just arrived – i.e. that I was blowing him off.

What kind of vacuous superficial guy would do that?

Apparently me!

Not so!

Today that story made it on AOL’s TV Top 5, at #3.

(Click HERE to watch the clip of Justin on “Ellen.”)

When it aired yesterday on “Ellen,” I got a bunch of E-mails and Facebook postings alerting me… and in some cases blasting me (in fun).

We pulled the original, unedited tape of my interview with Justin Long. Never happened. I never asked him about a break-up… We had fun. We talked about Vince Vaughn’s torso and other stuff.

I have provided the interview right here for you to dissect. (Click HERE to watch Billy’s interview).

In short, the Long-man owes the Bushman an apology for the national TV shot. I can take it.

Oh, but Ellen owes Justin an apology for airing it ‘cuz he asked for my name to be bleeped. He asked twice! Ellen said yes. It wasn’t. They aren’t live so they kept it in on purpose.

Justin, we both got thrown under the bus. You by Ellen and me by you! All in good fun my man.

I await the retraction.

And, if I don’t get one, then I’ll be the one who’s “Just Not That Into You!”

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