Billy’s Blog: Celebrity Splits (July 18, 2006)

Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro are the latest in a seemingly endless line of celebrity break ups. I’m sure there’s a quote released by some publicist about it being “amicable”…yada yada yada.

When this kind of event happens out there in the real world, it’s deeply traumatic. Friends are torn both ways; the scars last forever. In Hollywood, it just seems like routine.

One gets the feeling that a publicist is guiding the bereaved through the pain instead of a religious adviser or therapist.

Has a publicist ever muttered these words in front of the star client (who didn’t flinch at the tone)?

“Do we want to go with Diane Sawyer or ‘Today’ on this?”…”Maybe it’s too early. We’ll seem callous. Let’s hold for a few weeks, but not too long so people lose interest.”

Celebrities who do reality shows together based on their marriage are not faring well. Nick and Jessica - Kaput. Carmen and Dave - close, but no. And now, coming soon to Fox Reality Channel - Rob and Amber of Survivor fame. NO!!!!

They can’t help themselves. Public attention and adoration is like booze. If you can’t control it, it will consume you. Those two laid low together after “The Amazing Race” which was after “Survivor”. They likely noticed the magazine requests dwindle so they sold the marriage to public attention again. Maybe they need the public as part of it.

One thing I’m sure of…it does not help a marriage. Marriage is sacred and when you put it in the middle of a business that has lots to do with publicity and selling yourself, the fibers that hold it together weaken. Too much (and reality people take it to the max) and it falls apart.

So, think Trista and Ryan are going to keep the marriage off TV forever? If so, they dodged a bullet!

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