Billy’s Blog: ‘Circus Tall’ Vince (May 23, 2006)

I had never interviewed Vince Vaughn before last night’s premiere of “The Break-Up.” And he IS that guy women SAY they want.

If you read one of those man polls in a women’s magazine, typically, the consensus will be the average woman wants a guy with a great sense of humor first, then personality, followed by looks. After four years of marriage to dude with six pack abs and model good looks, Aniston went that route.

My first impression of Vince was everything I expected and more. He’s an Alpha male who’s funny - perfect wingman for a daytime Cubs game with brews and dogs… little bar hopping after - but very warm and engaging. He looks you in the eye and makes you like him.

Vince came to Hollywood looking for great acting roles… he’s got them. The gossip about his love life is totally unexpected but he’s learning to handle it… not polished yet but learning.

I opted to spend my first meeting with him having fun and not putting the screws to him. It was a good call. Big laughs to start the long road ahead.

One final thing about Vince… considerate: as he mounted the steps to my platform at the premiere, I stopped him on the last one. At 6’5”, I wondered if he’d be interested in doing the interview eye to eye. He obliged acknowledging he is “circus tall.”

Now if only Nancy would do the same.

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