Billy’s Blog: Eva Clears The Air: March 23, 2006

There’s no question that in this job, I get to meet some interesting people, but they’re not always the ones you’d assume. James Brolin came onto our stage. First, he’s a great looking older gentleman…the silver do reminiscent of Blake Carrington in the “Dynasty” days.

A man can only hope to have a ‘do like that. His self deprecation is what entertained us all. He quickly responded to “who wears the pants, you are Barbra?” with a quick, “Oh, she does”. That gave us laughs. And just like his rugged looks would suggest, he is the new spokesperson for a treasure hunting outfit, that with the use of the newest and most innovative sonar, aims to track down all of the sunken treasure of the last half millennium. How cool.

Earlier in the week, Eva Longoria contacted us and said she wants to meet with me to clear the air over fallout from an Allure Magazine article she did…people had taken from the text that she was the ‘teacher’ in the bedroom she shares at every opportunity with her beau, Tony Parker. She wanted to make clear that ‘when the lights are off, he’s the teacher.’ Topics like that are usually touchy ones to breach. Anyone else who wants to follow suit in their own relationships, please, pick up the phone.

On a more somber note, I am coming off a couple of hard nights. My baby Lillie fell in our driveway. With no hands out to brace herself, she fell smack on her head and the biggest, most abnormally colored boulder emerged on her head. The fear that rushed through my body (and my wife’s) led us to pack up all three children and head to the ER. One CAT scan later, our fears subsided as she was declared ‘OK.’ All that was left was guilt - I was the closest one to her. That was two days ago. Last night, my 5-year-old climbed into our bed at 1 a.m. complaining of bad stomach pains around the belly button. After an hour of back-and-forth, I loaded her up in the car and headed back to the same ER. As we parked the car, I asked her how she was feeling. “It’s gone,” she said. After some convincing (she had seen her sister the day before), we returned to bed - where (you guessed it) the pain returned. Set to return back to the ER, she assured me it was not as bad. She fell asleep, and eventually so did I. She feels great today. I, on the other hand, need a vacation. So, we’re all taking one. Spring skiing it is… with helmets on every kid.

And Dad, too.

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