Billy’s Blog: Interviewing Isaiah Washington (July 21, 2007)

by Billy Bush

There are handlers and higher ups from other companies who are very upset with me over Friday’s Isaiah Washington interview. I pressed Isaiah about the fact that Patrick Dempsey holds the key to his redemption.

Remember, on ‘Ellen’, T.R. Knight stated clearly that Isaiah called HIM the ‘F-word’… (I’m not saying it…not even THINKING it).

Isaiah, as you know, vehemently denies it had anything even remotely to do with T.R. He has said several times before my interview that T.R. wasn’t even THERE.

Patrick was the other half of the argument and he knows exactly what was said. Isaiah got fired and maybe he deserves it, but again, Patrick knows. And Isaiah says they are on friendly terms.

My point to Isaiah was “If you’re telling the truth, how could Patrick keep his mouth shut?”

“What kind of friend does that?”

It’s a good point and I stand behind it.

My only regret is that due to time on our show (always an issue), in the edited interview we went straight to the outrage and it came off as if I was berating Patrick. Not the case. I should have fought for the extra time.

What I was doing was asking Isaiah why HE wasn’t hopping out of his chair over this.

Isaiah said Patrick looks out for himself. There must be more to this story because Patrick Dempsey is definitely a good guy. I’ve had great laughs and moments with him. If he were running, I’d vote. T.R. is also a great guy from what I can tell. Kate Walsh is a friend and she loves him.

On that note, I am quite sure that Isaiah is difficult on the set…a perfectionist that compares himself to others. It’s divisive, but frankly, this town has plenty of difficult actors. The legends are there. He means well.

So, in summary, some secrets are buried. Many people feel I should have let sleeping dogs lie. My feeling is at the heart of it, I did the right thing…

On a much lighter note:

I just saw ‘Hairspray’ and little Nikki Blonsky is adorable. Her opening number is fantastic. Travolta is terrifying…but funny.

Judging by the theater very young female attendance, Zac Efron should have a box office bonus built in to his contract. He’s a killer with the ladies and a huge star whose only going to get bigger.

The real star of ‘Hairspray’ is the casting director…perfect in every role. Amanda Bynes and James Marsden were great. Walken and Latifah too. Michelle
Pfeiffer and Travolta were brilliant and Nikki Blonsky…what a doll!

People were dancing, quite literally, out of that theater. A work of art and joy.

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