Billy’s Blog: Katie’s New Job: April 9, 2006

Weighing in on Katie Couric’s move to the CBS Evening News…I’m quite sure they (CBS) have a revolutionary approach to delivering news in the making. Maybe, the broadcast originates from  a living room setting and is delivered in a very conversational tone.  Perhaps, that would be best.  The goal maybe is to give you the feeling Katie is really “talking WITH you, not AT you”.  Short of dressing up on Halloween and singing with the cast of ‘Hairspray’, the new CBS Evening News will likely look like a chat with Katie, feet up, at the end of the day or something very different…or why do this?

 Katie rules the cocktail party. She’s not the one you look for to say ‘grace’ before the meal.  So if the answer to a stoic, credible man reading the news from behind a desk is a bubbly, witty Katie reading the news from behind a desk, it will settle into the pack quickly and be largely unimpressive….that’s my guess.

But, I know Katie and she’s a winner.  I’m betting she’s a step ahead of me.

I just got back from Disney World, where I enjoyed 2 days of fun with my seven and five year old daughters.  We attended the grand opening of the newest family attraction, ‘Expedition Everest’…it was cool.  But, the cast of Disney’s High School Musical was there…the Sprouse twins from ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’, Aly and AJ …it goes on and my girls went nuts.  Imagine how awkward it was for me to corral these kids at every opportunity to take pictures with my daughters.  You just swallow your pride and fend for your brood.

The most memorable moment was helping a girl find her parents. She was about 11 years old and from England. She and her family had just arrived at Disney World and had been there an hour, when after riding ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, she lost them; we found her in tears. I had a VIP guide named Jeremy taking us around, and he was torn over dealing with the little girl or taking care of us, as we only had so much time.

Wow. I think Jeremy actually takes some  people around Disney who are self absorbed enough where he wouldn’t assume that OF COURSE we wanted to help her.  I couldn’t stop thinking of the horribly frightening ‘ride’ SHE was on, and how my daughters were watching this intense drama as it unfolded before us.  They had to see a happy ending…we were at DISNEY!

We calmed the girl down; she steadied herself enough to remember a meeting place she was supposed to go to if she got lost.  On our way there, some 20 minutes after meeting her, her daddy popped up.  She was elated, he was relieved and I cried behind my shades as if I had re-discovered my own little girls.

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