Billy’s Blog: Lovin’ Vaughniston (June 4, 2006)

If you ever get the idea that Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston are sick of the curious questions about their relationship, from journalists, humorists, gossipers and anyone else with a show or column, understand that their managers and agents LOVE it all.

“The Break-up” was a monster success this weekend, with an already estimated nearly $40 mil opening weekend take and people’s curiosity about The Vaughniston chemistry was no doubt a massive factor. Wisely, Jen and Vince have chosen to keep their relationship a mystery, never answering much. When something’s a secret, people only want to know more… out of habit.

Brangelina did the same thing with ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith”. They left people with only one way to see them together… by buying a ticket.

Bennifer opted to do a Dateline/Access Hollywood exclusive sit-down together to promote ‘Gigli’ - it was not a good movie in fairness, but its box office disaster also had something to do with the fact that people didn’t like them together…my opinion, but it’s dead on. They knew all they needed to know and rejected the film and them.

This is Jen’s 3rd big movie since “Friends” ended and she split with Brad. It is also her first big hit. She is a likeable actress and very funny, but the big man led the way here.Vince is coming off “Wedding Crashers” and that was enormous. He’s the funny guy women adore and guys want to hamg out with. When he goes to Vegas baby, I’m putting my money down on the same numbers he does. No disrespect to Jen at all…she is popular, likeable, very funny and gorgeous - the package - but Vince has cemented his grip on the comedy film.

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