Billy’s Blog: Oscar Buzz: March 6, 2006

Recovering from my unfortunate errors at the end of the Oscar pre-show (lost audio at 8, set shots I hoped for disappeared…wah wah wah, I’ll shut up, it happens) and sitting in the house.  A funny moment in between commercials was Jon stewart, (with 5 seconds ‘til LIVE) he faintly lets out the F word, just to get away with it…big laugh. Then, about 2 and a half hours into the show, he sighs before going back on, “half way through folks”.

Jon’s great…holding a show filled with dull, but necessary, elements together.

Best dressed of the night, my wife Syd.  My apologies to the famous women.

About to sneak out and POW, a surprise…much needed.  “Crash” has done it and the place is alive!

Interviewing Reese and Ryan on the way into the Governor’s Ball, I told them (when I was through) that if they didn’t break for the doors to go inside, they’d never get there…that’s how you get an exclusive.

My mother-in-law, Carolyn, is from a small town called Clarksdale, Mississippi…imagine how excited she was when the only celebrity alive from her home town, and a big movie star at that, Morgan Freeman, sat at our table for dinner at the Governor’s Ball.  She is still talking about it, and it was the highlight of my night too to see her so happy.

Ratings for the show are down nearly 8%…that’s a tribute to Jon Stewart who, in a year of tiny, unheard of films, was funny and classy.

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