Billy’s Blog: Rosie’s ‘View’: April 28, 2006

When our Tim Vincent interviewed Rosie, she had some typically wild words for Star Jones on how she lost all the weight:

“She has abandoned us fatties.  She is not even telling us how she did it.  She wrote a whole book and she never mentioned it…yeah I’d like to know…sure wasn’t Pilates.”

Good news is that once she replaces Meredith Vieira on ‘The View’, she’ll have every day to hammer Star with that question until she answers. 

I wonder if Rosie wishes she hadn’t said that?

Probably not.

This announcement is a shocker.  I thought they would have replaced Meredith with someone like her…Patricia Heaton and she seem like similar women - attractive, smart, pretty up the middle, suburban mothers.  Connie Chung and Meredith have some strong similarities in their professional background.  Rosie is the wild card..

That said, it’s a strong move.

She’s brassy, smart, unafraid to confront and very funny.  If she can keep herself from getting too angry during debate, she’ll be compelling.  Coupled with Joy, they will be a liberal force the likes of which Rush Limbaugh has never seen nor engaged.

If you’ve ever seen Hannity and Colmes on the Fox News Channel, I get the feeling that Alan Colmes is the foil. A guy set up for a pounding…

On that note, if Elizabeth Hasselback has any free time, she may want to enroll in a Fight Club. If not, her view will get the “malache crunch” - maybe they’ll give her a megaphone to try and help her out.

The only way this could turn out to be a perilous venture, other than the possibility of uncivil exchanges, is the possibility of infighting.  I say this assuming that the ladies have worked out a nice balance as of now…Rosie and Meredith have VERY different personalities. 

But, in the end, I think Rosie is as quick as a whip and will help ‘The View’ continue to get noticed in newspapers and on Access Hollywood.  They have done a great job of that in the last year, but I think she brings an element that will enhance.  Look at the Emmys on her shelf; she knows what she’s doing.

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