Billy’s Blog: Teri Talks: March 8, 2006

I emailed Teri Hatcher as soon as I could untie the knot in my stomach after reading the Vanity Fair article yesterday, where she detailed her recollection of some events of her childhood. 

I felt nauseated, with hints of paranoia and anxiety rushing through my system, as I read about Teri’s claims of being forced to touch and be touched by her sadistic uncle.  How do these people go undetected?  How do their spouses not know that there is something so deeply wrong with the person with whom they share a life!  I hate that sick and twisted uncle…I have a 5-year-old daughter and if someone did anything like that to her, I fear I might cross a line I cannot cross back.

I am not a stranger to this type of victimization. I believe there are too many people out there who know Teri’s feelings personally. Maybe that’s why there are so many victims…opportunity is there…pedophiles assume that adults are too gut-wrenchingly sickened to face this head-on; parents are too pained by guilt to admit they missed the signs and essentially allowed an animal to attack their child.

I guarantee you Teri is not singing out loud, like she’s been set free.  That type of trauma, the 14-year-old girl who killed herself because of the emotional trauma inflicted by the uncle, does not leave.  It becomes manageable is my guess…Teri might agree.

I love the work Oprah is doing. A veritable crusade it’s working and drawing awareness to this sleeping giant.

Abuse of a child…good lord!

And most importantly, my fellow parents, the work we have to do:

My daughter is NOT allowed to play at another child’s house if their mom is not there…if we know the family well, babysitter is ok, but fathers I have to know myself.  I make no apologies for that bit of prejudice - protecting children seems to be survival of the fittest…luckiest even.

Teri emailed me back.  She said my words brought her to tears.  As sincere and well intentioned as they were, I get the feeling even the slightest of gestures, the smallest of events bring on a cavalcade of tears in her life right now.

I am encouraged.  There is a lot of crap floated by celebs in an effort to promote something.  However, this admission by Teri was to make someone pay for the most heinous crime…she spoke up for her 5-year-old self and a 14-year-old girl who can’t because she took her own life.

This is a good day for Teri, for that 14-year-old’s family (comparatively) and for Hollywood - I hope more bold action occurs where fiscal strings are not attached.

I told Teri her daughter, Emerson, will grow up to respect her as much as she loves her….

Let’s all open our eyes to the hidden predators on this earth.

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