Billy’s Blog: Tiger Shows Some Humanity!

Finally Tiger shows some humanity! 

It sounds crazy, I know, but hear me out. Before this scandal, Tiger Woods was a robot to me; I had no idea he liked to have fun, let alone too much of it. None of us knew ANYTHING about him. He was insulated beyond the norm by his “team.”

So, it’s unfortunate it has to be at the expense of the stunning (yes, every guy in the world would love to take her out) Elin Nordegren, but this may be a real positive for Tiger in the long run. Here’s how:

If Tiger shows the same discipline and commitment to rehabbing his marriage as he did to rehabbing his knee, he’ll emerge a better man and perhaps their marriage will become a stronger one.

I am not a psychologist, but I’m imagining Tiger’s journey: His father was really tough on him… he did not seem like a warm man. After Tiger won a tournament, it’s hard to picture him and his dad celebrating. It’s more likely they got up early for more practice. Earl Woods Sr. was driving Tiger as hard as he could from childhood. Tiger never had his reckless, goof off, ‘Whoops I made a mistake’ years… you know what kind of mistakes I mean.

The father-son relationship, as I see it, was more similar to Michael and Joseph Jackson than any other in modern memory. Although there are no allegations of physical discipline, Tiger’s dad rode him hard from the start.

In short, not to make excuses for Tiger, but I don’t think he was shown firsthand what it means to be a loving husband and partner FIRST.

If Elin stays and they repair this marriage from the ground up, and Tiger gets back to golf and wins a few, he’ll be more on top than he ever was. And… who doesn’t LOVE a comeback, especially one from Tiger Woods??

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